For the past few days.. Afiq has been saying that he wants to go to school. “Mama… Afiq nak gi kolah”.. Thing is, I don’t even know whether he knows what sekolah really is. So I don’t know what he really wants! Or maybe I’m under estimating his vocabulary. Maybe he really knows what sekolah is.

Latest phone conversation I had with him 10 minutes ago:

Afiq: Mama, Afiq nak pegi kolah

Me: Afiq nak pegi sekolah kat mana?

Afiq: Afiq nak pegi kolah kajammm (kajang)

* Pening *

I’ve been thinking about sending him to playschool. But I thought I might as well wait until January. Plus we haven’t had time to look around for one. (that’s a lousy excuse, really, I know). I should have made time for it. But isn’t he too small to go to school? Be it a playschool?

I’m also thinking of enrolling him in taekwando classes since he’s into all these pysical activities. Do they take 2 yr olds ek? Have to find that out too.

I did try out Tumble Tots once. But I felt (looking at Afiq), that it’s rather too ‘soft’ for Afiq. Have to find something more vigorous. Hence the taekwando classes idea. Hmm..

Afiq is also missing Hubby terrible today. He went outstation yesterday and is coming back later today. Afiq woke up at midnight yesterday, kicking, and calling for Ayah. And just now, Tri (my maid) said he woke up from his nap looking for ayah. When told that Ayah will be back later, he went to the door, waiting. Adoi.. Makes me wanna cry.

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  1. OK...

    Now, there's this school that Afnan goes to, Young Ambassadors, that accepts 3yo children in. It's not a given thing rather on a trial basis. If the 'school' finds the child still wishing to be home, they'd request the parents to take the child back.

    They have taekwondo there, trained by David Christopher. He trained Khalisah. It's WTF (and not of the obscene kind :P) so the students can participate in the Olympics if they so choose. David Christopher was also the first instructor to train 2yo children taekwondo, which as we know now has been picked up by some other instructors as well.

    Young Ambassadors operates from Taman TAR and Taman Setiawangsa but I know, they're very far and out of your travel path. Still, just a thought.

    BTW, you might also want to visit for all things related to little khalifahs.

    Now I know you have a blog, haha.. :)