Apit Kikudin – ‘apa nama afiq?” “Apit Kiiiikudin!” – Afiq Naqiuddeen.
Apina Maaa-ki-cha - "apa nama adik?” "Aaaapinaaa Maaaakiiicha!" – Afreena Mariessa
Otomen Tiga – His fav TV show – Ultraman Tiga
Cicakman – cicakman, could also be spiderman.
Wish – "Afiq makan apa hari ni?" "Apit makan wish!" – sometimes ‘wish’ is rightfully fish. Other times ‘wish’ could be chicken. This morning however, ‘wish’ was actually meatballs.
Nini – that’s what he calls his susu. I honestly think it’s cute and unique, so I don’t bother correcting him.
Abam – abang. – “Adik!!!! Ni toy abam apit punyaaaa!!”
Kancin – as in kereta kancil. He recognizes Waja, kancil and Wiga (Wira). Oh, pod too (Ford, as in the Ford Ranger).
Tututututos – you’ll never guess this. It stands for tomato sauce!
Totato – potato, interchangeable with tomato.
Kayet – took me a while to get this. It’s carrot!
Tokojut – terkejut. Mostly used in this scenario – Ayah bersin sekuat hati… “haaaaaaaachhhuuuuummmmm!!!!” Afiq goes, “ Ayahhhhh!!! Tokojut apit!”
Bopoloh poloh – berpeluh peluh. I reckon he overheard somebody saying this at the Jelebu kampung. Ayat would be like: “Mama, look! Apit lari lari, bopoloh poloh apit ni”
Air kocon – air kosong.
Timin – swimming
Peyde peyde – stands for pedal, pedal. That’s what we usually tell him to do, to ‘pedal pedal, kick kick’ when he’s ‘timin’

Will update when there’s more that I can recall. :)

Update: Just remembered 2 more:
Papin - muffin. He loves the banana-choc muffin. I love baking it, cause it's soooo easy.
Esssskuuuumii - excuse me. Example of usage: "Mamaaaa... afiq toot toot! Essskuuumiiii" Announce dulu yang dia toot toot tu yang tak tahan tu.

I usually call Afiq 2-3 times daily. Just to check him out. Yesterday afternoon, we "chatted" for quite some time. Well, you know the usual questions like 'Afiq dah makan?' or 'Afiq buat apa today'. The length of the conversation usually very much depends on his moods (NOOOOO idea where he gets his mood swing, seriously! ;) ). After about 4-5 minutes of talking, I guess he got tired.

Afiq: Mama, Afiq nak tingok Ultraman Tiga ni!!! Afiq tutup dulu k? I larrrr you!!!
(tutup – put the phone down)
(I larrrrr you – I love you)

Sabar je lah!

Today, angkat phone je,

Afiq: Mama!! Mama pigi mana?
Mama: Mama pergi kerja, sayang.
Afiq: Afiq nak pigiiiiiiiii hmmmmm….. A-kis mana?
Mama: Uncle reez kat Shah Alam.
Afiq: aaaaaaaa…. Afiq nak pigi tah alam! Nanti mama balik k? Nanti ayah balik k?


A-kis (actually it’s uncle reez) is my brother who’s studying in Shah Alam.

Any similarities? Afiq & Mariessa at about the same age.
I suddenly have this ‘urge’ to go shoe shopping. That’s kinda strange because:
a) I don’t usually go shoe shopping, unless I really, really, REALLY need a new pair
b) I only need a new pair if my current ones cannot be worn anymore.
c) My current pair of shoes are perfectly fine (a bit worn out, but fine nonetheless)
d) I totally HATE shoe shopping

Ok.. so what’s ‘wrong’ with me? Hihi..

Maybe I should make time to go shoe-(window)-shopping at least this weekend. Oh, and go for a sushi makan2 while I’m at it. Akak, Ngah, nak ikut? hihi

I just couldn't stop myself from taking this quiz. Hihi.. And don't ask me why I am soooo excited to "be" in the same house as Harry. La la la la la... Yey me!!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

It’s funny how I stumbled upon writer’s block just after.. errr 2 entries? 3? Oh well.. I’m definitely not meant to be a writer. Sometimes I just wish I can pick whatever it is that I want to blog about in my head, and put it on the blog, just like that.

Last night I noticed that Mariessa’s first tooth is finally showing, justttt a little. How comel! I remember Afiq didn’t have any, until he was about 14-16 months! And last night, while meniarap, she finally moved! And just like Afiq.. whatever movement it is, mesti reverse dulu. When he crawled, it was backward first! When he was learning to walk, it was like 2 steps backward and 1 step forward. J So it was not a surprise when Mariessa moved backward last night. An achievement nonetheless! Yey!

At work, things are suddenly pouring in. I’ve been running like a headless chicken between the sites doing stuff related to my system and also helping out other teams. It’s actually fun, but it’s better if we don’t have to travel so much. Going to and fro the same 3 destinations almost everyday is definitely not fun!

Last month the president of the holding company made an announcement that there will be a merger of 5 companies. One of them is the company I’m currently working for. It’s targetted to take place next March. So right now, things seem a little haywire especially at the HQ. I personally don’t feel anything (yet). But the way I see it, some people (mostly those at the management side) are worried for different reasons. There are a lot of higher ranking vacancies to be filled, and I’m guessing a lot of people are hoping for promotions. Us on the operational side, are not much affected. At least that’s how I see it, for now. Yang lecehnya, now they want everyone’s latest photos lah, latest job description lah. Macam2.

Thank God today is Friday. Can’t wait to spend the weekend with the kids and hubby of course who just came back from another trip to Pasir Gudang. Yey! Have a good weekend everybody!

Am playing around with the setting of the layout. So kalau senget sana, senget sini, pls bear with me. Al-maklumla.. dah lamaaaaaaaaa x masuk rumah, kena la sapu2 sikit kan? ;)