While I was preparing dinner:
Mariessa: Mamaaaaa.. Mama masak apa tu?
Mama: Mama nak masak nasik goreng.
Mariessa: Kenapa Mama masak nasik goreng?
Mama: Sebab MamaAyah nak makan nasik goreng.
Mariessa: oooooooo

Mariessa: Kenapa Mama dengan Ayah nak makan nasik goreng? Tadi tak makan yehh kat ofis?
Mama: Makaaaan. Tapi tadi makan tengahari.. Lunch. Ni kan dah malam, makan malam pulak, dinner.
Mariessa: ooooooo

Mariessa: Kenapa Mama bubuh carrot dgn sayur dalam nasik goreng tu?
Mama: Ada sayur la bagus.
Mariessa: Ada sayur baru bagus? Nanti boleh jadi pandai?
Mama: Haaaa.. Pandai pun.
Mariessa: Mesti lah! Siang tadi kakak kan makan sayur.. Mestilah pandai.
Ran off to the living hall

After a few minutes
Mariessa: Mama! Mama!
Mama: Saya.. Kenapa kakak?
Mariessa: Nasik goreng yang Mama masak tu, bau dia sedap sgt lah Mama!
Mama: Oh ye? Thank you sayang.(Kembang kempis hidung Mama kena puji)
Mariessa: Kenapa bau dia sedap, Mama?
Mama: Sebab Mama pandai masak la.
Mariessa: Bibik?
Mama: Bibik pun pandai masak.
Mariessa: Kakak?
Mama: Nanti Kakak dah besar, mesti Kakak pun pandai masak.
Mariessa: Yey!!! Adik?
Mama: Nanti Adik dah besar pun Adik pandai masak jugak.
Mariessa: Abang?
Mama: Abang pun sama...
Mariessa: Hah??!! Abang pun?? Boy pun boleh masak masa dah besar?? (Muka sgt terkejut)
Mama: Bolehhhh.. Boy boleh.. Girl boleh. Kan Ayah pun pandai masak kan? (Note to Ayah: Hint! Hint! Dah lamaaaaa Ayah tak masak ni, sampai anak tak ingat Ayah pun pandai masak. Hehe)
Mariessa: ooooooooo

panjang lagi conversation lepas ni, tak larat dah nak type and u get the drift lah.. Lepas satu.. satu soalannya

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About the same time as last night.

Mariessa: Mamaaaaa.. Malam ni ada hantu tak Ma?
Mama: Tak ada, kakak.
Mariessa: Malam malam takde hantu?
Mama: Takde...
Mariessa: Kalo siang?
Mama: Tak ada jugak. Siang siang takde hantu, malam malam pun takde hantu. Ok?
Mariessa: Ok Mama..


Mariessa: Kalo pagi?
Mama: Tak ada.. Pagi takde, tengahari takde, petang takde, malam pun takde hantu!
Mariessa: Ohhhh... Bila bila pun takde hantu? Mama cakap la bila bila pun takde hantu! Baru lah kakak boleh tido!

And just like last night, not long after that, she was fast asleep.

Ayah: Ontah cito apo la dia tengok!

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One morning, Afiq woke up and started drawing. I was busy getting ready for work, so I didn’t go to him to see what exactly he was drawing. When I was getting into my car, he ran to me and gave me a letter in a self-made envelope.



The envelope.

Afiq drawing

The letter.

I have no idea why the envelope is more meriah than the letter itself, not that it matters. :)

This is actually the second ‘letter’ he has ever written for me. The first one says “I love you” with some drawings on it. Needless to say, that melted my heart indefinitely.

I wrote back of course, the next day.. with “I love you too Afiq Naqiuddeen” and left it on the table for him to see. He kept it in his pocket the whole day that day and waited for me to come home to tell me how happy he was and how much he liked my letter. Will find these letters and upload it here one day, InsyaAllah.


I hope you’ll keep writing to me, Afiq. Especially now that Ayah has out grown that phase, obviously! :P

7 days countdown. Hint hint! :D

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Mariessa: Mamaaaaaaaa (whispering)
Mama: hmmmmm
Mariessa: Boleh tak Kakak nak cakap sikit? Sikit je Mama.
Mama: Ok, tapi sikit je ye? Adreena x tido lagi.

We were in bed and my rule is No talking until Adreena is fast asleep as she is easily distracted

Mariessa: OK sikit je. Mamaaaaaaa
Mama: Sayaaaaa..
Mariessa: Malam malam ada hantu tak Ma?
Mama: Hantu? Mana ada!
Mariessa: Siang siang ada tak?
Mama: Siang siang pun tak ada. Mana ada hantu.
Mariessa: Macam mana Mama tau takde hantu?
Mama: Mama tauuu lah. Dah lah, tido.
Mariessa: OK lah, kalau takde hantu, boleh la Kakak tido!

True enough, a few seconds later, she was fast asleep

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While watching Ben-10 the movie a few nights ago

Ayah : Afiq, ni Ben –10 apa pulak ni? (Ayah obviously didn’t know that there’s Ben-10 the movie, ingatkan ada cartoon je)

Afiq: Ayah tak tau?? Ni Ben-10 yang orang betul punya lah!

Ayah: Oooooo

Afiq: Haaaa.. nanti lepas ni, Ben-10 tu cakap… Alamak!

Mama: Eh.. kenapa dia cakap Alamak? (Been telling him that he’s supposed to watch all the cartoons in English instead of changing it to Bahasa)

Afiq (nak cover): Eh bukan bukan… dia tak cakap alamak.. nanti dia cakap, Oh man!!

dah sah sah dia tengah tengok in Bahasa masa tu. Oh well.. but at least he knows alamak  can be translated to ‘oh man!”. Hehe


This morning while I was getting ready.

Mariessa: Mama… Mama kerja ke  hari ni?

Mama: Iye, Mama kerja.

Mariessa: Ayah? (looking at Ayah yang tengah berkelubung bawah comforter)

Mama: Ayah cuti hari ni. Ayah penat. Kakak jangan kacau Ayah hari ni k, Ayah nak tido.

Mariessa: Ayah cuti? Ayah penat? Tu lah! Sapa suruh pegi kerja jauh jauh (referring to Ayah’s brainstorming session in Cherating last weekend).

Mama: Bukan selalu Ayah pegi kerja jauh jauh.

Mariessa: Ye lah, hari tu kan pergi kerja jauh? Lepas tu, kenapa suka kerja lama lama, balik lambat lambat, malam malam. Memang la penat! Tu la sebab Ayah penat!

Membebellll… macam mak nenek!


Last night tiba2 terjumpa one folder of old pictures:

BabyMariessaMariessa @ 6 months old.


Rasanya lainnnnn sgt muka dia compared to Afiq or Adreena


Mama: Kalau comot, anak sapaaaaaaaaa???

Afiq & Mariessa: Anak Ayahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mama: Pandaiiiii!!!


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62 today.


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Dulu2, ada kan segment kat RTM with this title? Ada lagi ke sekarang ni?

Ok… where do I start…

Ceritanya… I attended a course the whole week last week. It was a course I’ve been looking forward to attending since.. well.. since I was transferred to the company’s HQ last year. Biasalah, cost cutting measures punya pasal, training was pushed down to the bottom of the list.

It was a 5-day course with the last day being allocated for the exam. It’s my very first professional certification, so needless to say, I was a nervous wreck come Friday morning. It didn’t help that I was down with fever the whole week too.

The 4 days flew quickly and safe to say, I enjoyed myself every single day. The topic was interesting, the trainers were equally interesting. I didn’t feel sleepy at all during any of the class. Soon Friday came and it was time for the exam.

Boy… was the exam tough! I expected it to be somewhat challenging of course, but did not expect it to be THAT tough. The passing mark is 75%. We were told that to get that, we have to answer 111 questions correctly out of 148 questions in 3.5 hours given. Before the exam, I told myself that 37 questions for me to get wrong should be a luxury, but at the end of the exam time, I honestly didn’t feel the same anymore. I kept wondering whether I had really understood to the whole concept of the subject, or at least enough not be tricked by the seemingly tricky questions.


Dah lama tak baca buku2 ilmiah.

We were told that the results will be out in 7 (U.S) working days. The answet sheets were couriered directly to US to be checked, so the results will hence come from the US HQ.

So, this was why I’ve been on gloomy clouds for the last 7 days. Kept wondering what if I fail? Have to fork out RM500 just to re-sit for the exam! My boss had just passed this exam 3 months ago, what excuse should I give him if I fail? Demam? Aduh, so lame!

This morning, after 2 weeks of being lazy… (last week sebab ada course tu, this week..  hmm.. konon2 demam lagi), I woke up at 5am to cook. Bought ‘paru’ last night during pasar malam and dah mintak Bibik siap2 rebuskan, so plannya was to cook paru masak kicap – anak2 and my fav. :). Bangga dengan diri sendiri sebab dapat melawan kemalasan pagi ni. :D

Bila dah siap2 masak at 5.45.. on my way up to mandi2 and get ready to work.. baru perasan that I left my phone downstairs last night. So, took the phone up with me. Sampai je kat bilik, Adreena pulak nangis nak susu. Dia mmg ada sensor, budak ni. Tahu tahuuuu je.

While nursing Adreena, checked my phone.. and saw an email with a subject: DRI Exam Results. Alamak!!! Terus sakit perut!

The email says:

Dear Ainil  Sufreena,

Attached you will find your DRI exam results from the qualifying exam you took in Malaysia on 12/3/2010.

The attachment was a pdf file. Try2 bukak, tak boleh pulak. Alaaaaaaaaaaaa….. Mcm mana ni? Cannot tahan dah suspense ni. Ish. Think? Think!

Adreena berhenti menyusu je, berdesup lari kat home PC. Memang sakit perut masa tu! Time ni laaaa rasa PC ni slow nye bukan main. Ish ish…

Bukak the attachment….


Fuh!!!!!!! Tak tauuuu la macam mana nak terangkan betapa legaaaaaaaaa nya perasaan saya masa ni. Alhamdulillah.

Lepas tu terus lari pegi toilet. Kan dah kata, sakit perut! Hehe

Syukur Ya Allah.

Agak2 boleh bayangkan tak betapa lebarnya senyuman saya pagi ni? Sejukkkkk je hati rasa… Alhamdulillah.

Gambar selingan:

pencilcasePencil case saya yang selalunya duduk diam diammmm dalam drawer di ofis. Bila saya bawa ke tempat kursus saya, baru lah saya perasan ada pulak saya selitkan badge sekolah saya di situ. Lepas tu terfikir, mungkin kah pencil case ni saya guna dari zaman pre-SPM saya? Wah…. tak sangka cermat juga saya ni rupanya. Saya ambil SPM tahun 1995.. maksudnya  dah 15 tahun lepas!

(If my brother Aidil is reading this post, I can assure you at this point he will stand straight and start singing my school song! Hahahaha. No kidding. Anything at all that reminds him of my school will get him singing the song.. dari duluuuuu sampai lah skrg! Koooooolejjjjj Tunku Kurshiaaaaahhhhhhhhh… hahaha)

Oh… baru perasan.. today is actually my dad’s and my brother Aidil’s birthday too! What a wonderful day indeed. Ok Teh.. if you’re reading this, once you finish singing the TKC school song.. I’ll sing you your birthday song! :P

... grinning from ear to ear while doing chicken dance. :D 

I’ve been wanting to write about my trip to the ophthalmologist, but let’s just say I’ve been sidetracked for a while.

For some reason, I was very nervous about seeing the doctor. Probably not as scared as the thought of seeing a dentist, because I figured there’s no way an ophthalmology would be drilling into my eyes. Not on my first visit at least. But still, I was scared.

It was sweet of Shahril to take the time off that morning to come with me. Well, actually he knew better; it was either that or he’ll be hearing “you don’t love me anymore, how come work is more important than my eyes… (and its variations)” speech for… probably indefinitely. Hehe.

The appoinment was set at 10am. We were there at 9am and after settling things about GL, we were given a number. 3005. Number 3003 was already inside the doctor’s office.

Not long after that patient 3003 came out. Soon 3004 was called. I was squirming in my seat. After about 20 minutes or so (yes, that long), patient 3004, a man about the age of 50 I’m guessing, came out teary eyed blinking blinking blinking and sat on one of the chairs outside the doctor’s office, clearly in some kind of pain.

I would have fled if Shahril wasn’t there with me.

Eh, come to think of it… I think it was Shahril who makes me consider running out of the hospital actually. He was making comments like.. “Ish… macam sakit je mata pakcik tu… mesti doctor bubuh ubat pedih kat mata dia…” The pakcik sapu2 mata with a tissue, Shahril went “ishhhh…. confirm pedih tu, aduhhhhhhhhh tsk tsk!”

Lucky (him) I was too nervous to whack him or something. :P

Another 15 minutes passed. Patient 3004 was still there, kejap2 lap mata dia. I knew this not because I was staring, but because Shahril had the pleasure of commenting his every moves. :P

Then I was called in. Shahril went in with me and sat at the nearest chair to the door. (Siapa yang takut, ni? :P). Doctor asked me what’s wrong, I tried to explain. He took my glasses, check check check.. had his assisstant check my eyes with that machine similar to those we often see at optical shops. Then he said he was going to send me to check for diabetese and to check my blood pressure. (At this point, I was thinking.. Oh My God, what have I got myself into?) But before that, he’s going to put some eyedrops into my eyes for further check later.

Righttttt before the assistant put in the eyedrops, she told me that it’s going to be ‘pedih sikit’ and that my vision would be blurred for the next 3-4 hours.

‘Pedih sikit’ unfortunately in real world translates to… pedih GILA! I’d rather have a dentist drilling on my tooth rather than going through the ‘pedih sikit’ in my eyes.

Err… Maybe not.

Anyway.. with my pedih eyes, I was sent to another room to have my blood pressure and sugar level checked. I’ve never had any problems with BP so far and the only times I’ve ever being checked for diabetese were during my pregnancies, so I was a little worried lah naturally. But Alhamdulillah, both readings were OK. 100/80 for my BP and 3.6 for my sugar level. I don’t know how OK is this reading on OK scale, but the nurses said OK, so I’m taking it as it is. Hehehe.

Then we waited until I was called back into the doctor’s office. He used that machine again to check my eyes, only this time around he directed very, very, very bright light into my eye. So bright, I honestly thought I was going to be blind! How ironic though, thinking about turning blind for having too much light.

All the while checking my right eye (I complained about my right eye), he was making ‘hmmm’ sounds. “Hmmm…. Hm… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (this got me worried, too long a hmm) Hmmm”

Then my left eye..”aaaa…. aaaaaaaaa…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (too long a ‘aaaa’ however, is good)”

Then my right eye again…”hmmmmmmmmmmmm” (Maybe there’s a rule about hmmm  for right and aaaa for left)


“Ok… everything looks ok to me”, he said.

I wonder whatttt lah all the hmmmmmmsss were all about, then! Bikin nervous aje!

He said the ‘saraf’ look OK to him. (that’s the good part of the news)… The not so good part is, that also means he doesn’t know what causes my problem.

Oh, lupa nak letak problem statement awal2 tadi. I sometimes feel like my right eye jadi extra kabur. Like there’s a layer of some sort covering my eye. Kalau I tenyeh2, it won’t go away. Things just got extra blurry and my right eye feels heavy, macam ada air bertakung, but actually takde. It usually goes away in an hour or two though.

So he prescribed me 2 kinds of eyedrops. (Thank God, these do not cause pedih, walaupun sedikit. Hehe). Told me to change my glasses as the power has decreased from 225 to 175 for my right eye, tapi the estig (silau?) naik to 150 and lastly to come back and see him again on the 15th.

Was given MC for the day due to that ‘pedih sikit’ eyedrops and blurred vision. The moment we stepped out of the hospital and into sunlight, I could not even open my eyes! Everything was so silau, masa tu baru faham why he had given me an MC. That didn’t stop me from making a ‘quick’ stop at the salon to get my hair washed and trimmed though. Hehehehehe. What better way to treat pedih eyes? :D

So, there goes my 1st experience with the ophthalmology . Will be seeing him again on the 15th, and hopefully no more ‘pedih sikit’ experience.

AInilSpecs With my new specs



Of course, one for him too! :)

…So much for writer's block. Hehe

Am having a bit of a writer’s block syndrome.. so I’m putting some pictures taken during Kitreena’s & Edrick’s birthday party @ Kids Zone Hartamas until my mind is capable of constructing proper sentences. :)


The fireworks! :) Eh, tiba2 ada ‘budak’ tinggiiiii lah kat belakang tu! :P


Macam2 style ada…

FamilyatKitPartyUs with the birthday girl. Birthday boy was too busy playing. :D


The Birthday boy


Mentang2 la dah pandai jalan kan….. Berjalan sakan lah dia!


One of my many fav pics of Adreena taken that day.


Another one. “Apa pandang pandang??”


When we were small, my sisters used to tell me that I was an anak angkat because of my different look and I used to believe them! :P:P Do we really look THAT different? Hmmmm…

All pics credit goes to CloudTrekker, the party organizer for the birthday party. Everything was soooo colourful and very well thought of! Thumbs up ladies! If any of you are looking for party planners, I’ll be pleased to share their contact numbers. (Hopefully this way they’ll give me a mega discount.. say… in April? ;) )

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Excited that Aunty Mas had bought him one of his favourite snacks, right after Aunty Mas went back he sat at the dining table with a plate and quietly took it out of the bag, took the dip out and began eating.

After 5 minutes, he was still eating, complete with "hmmm.. Sedapnya..hmmm"

Mariessa, obviously intrigued by the oooh and aaahh, went to the table and took a bite.

Mariessa: Abang, kenapa benda ni keras aaa?
Afiq: Sebaaaaaab..... Kejap, kejap. Maaaaa! Apa nama ni, yang Aunty Mas beli untuk Abang ni?
Mama: Pretzel.
Afiq: Haaa. Pretzel. Sebaaaaab Pretzel ni orang tu buatttt guna daging!! Tu la sebab dia keras!
Mariessa: Ohhhhh.. (Admiring the brother who knows so much)

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Last Monday:

(on the phone – 9 am)

Afiq: Mamaaaaa….. (suara sgt sedih dan sayu)

Mama: Haaa.. kenapa ni Fiq? (suspense already)

Afiq: Mamaaaaaaaaaaa…. Abang boring lah Mama. Abang tak tauuuuu dah nak buat apa. Booosan lah Mama. Tak tahan dah ni!

Mama: Laaaaaa…. Toy kan banyak.. Abang main la dengan toy Abang.

Afiq: Ala…. Abang boring laaa.. asyik mainnnnnnn je

Mama: Hmmm.. kalau boring main, Abang tengok TV la dulu. Kan ada Cartoon Network?

Afiq: Hari hari pun Abang tengok TV Mama. Boring laaaa….

Mama: Hmmm… ok ok.. Nanti Mama telefon Ayah.  (Escape route paling penting bila tak tau nak jawab apa… pass baton kat Ayah. Hahahahah)

-- Now I’m pening, this is only the first week of school holiday Afiq dah keboringan. Aiyo. What should I do eh? Suggestions anyone? Please?


This morning while having breakfast at home. Rory the Racing car is just starting:

Afiq: Mama, Mama… nanti bila Abang dah besar… Abang nak drive kereta Abang sendiri!

Mama: Bolehhhhh, Abang belajar rajin rajin, lepas tu Abang kerja elok elok, nanti bila dah cukup duit, Abang beli kereta sendiri k? (Underlying message: jangan harap Mama Ayah nak belikan kereta nanti.. heheheh). Abang nak beli kereta apa?

Afiq: Abang nak Ferrari! Abang nak colour red!

Mama: Wow, nice car! (Bersyukuuuuurrrr… anak saya tinggiiiiii cita2nya! Heheh. Nanti boleh Mama tumpang!)

Mariessa: Kakak, Mama? Kakak???

Mama: Kakak nak beli kereta apa nanti?

Kakak: Hmmmmm…. Kakakkkk kan.. Kakakkkkk nak beli…….. keretaaaaaaa…..pi!

Afiq: Hahahahahaha… Kakak nak beli keretapi!

Mariessa: Biar lah! Nanti kereta Kakak panjang! Kereta Abang kecik kenot! (I don’t know from where she heard this phrase ‘kecik kenot’ but she is very fond of using it)

Afiq: Mama… ada ke girl drive keretapi Mama?

Mama: Errr…. ada!!!

IMG00403-20101120-1532 IMG00404-20101120-1533

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Just received some pictures of most of us that day from Ngah. Thought I should just put some here – lebih kurang je pun gambar2nya.. hehe. :)




Thanks for coming guys!

Special thanks to ‘uncle Salleh’ – tukang amik gambar2 ni… yang snapnya 9 kali… kiranya 2 kali je.. :P:P

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It’s Adreena’s 1st Birthday today. We did a small makan2 to celebrate her birthday in advance last Sunday. I’ll just put some random pictures taken that day ye?

AdreenaCake P1030553

Told the cake guy I only want Adreena’s name on the cake.. Tup2.. panjang lebarrrrr tulihnya. Oh well….

P1030606 P1030626

What’s left. :) A nice pandan cake indeed.

P1030529 P1030522

Receiving presents from Aunty Mas. Thank you Aunty Mas! Thank you Aunty Pet!

P1030538 P1030540

Dia mmg suka benda tekan2 ni.. :D


Kakak duduk kat sofa je tapinya…. sakit kaki lah katakan! :D


Tapi nak tengok toy baru punya pasal, lupa sekejap sakit kaki. That’s Aunty Mas, giving tutorial.. hehehe.. dah nama pun lecturer, dak? :D. Aunty Pet supervisor. :)

 P1030564 P1030589

Nyamuk mana lahhhh yang berani gigit pipi birthday girl ni? Ish!


From Aunty Nid. Thank you Aunty Nid. Kawaiii ne?

cakecutting cakecutting2

P1030607 P1030630



You know the party’s over when the birthday girl starts crying. :D



On their the 1st birthdays, respectively.


Adreena… exactly a year ago.


Happy 1st Birthday sayang! Mama and Ayah love you more than we can ever say.

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