Am now at the hospital waiting for my 32nd week checkup with Dr. A. Went to the hospital's surau earlier. One lovely lady was already in the surau when I went in:

LL: Dah azan ke dik?
Me: Dah, dah, baru je habis azan.
LL: Terima kasih. Ni dah cukup bulan ke?
Me: Belum lagi. Baru nak masuk 8 bulan, InsyaAllah.
LL: Ohhh.. Anak sulung ke ni?
Me: Tak, ni yang no 4, InsyaAllah.
LL: Ohhh, nampak mudaaaa lagi.

Lovely lady, wasn't she? :D

As I mentioned, I am now entering the 32nd week. Checkup is now 3 weeks apart. The last time we saw Dr A, she estimated Baby A weighing at 1.6kg already, Alhamdulillah. I am already so huge, people at the office have started asking when I'm going to pop or whether I'm carrying twins on a daily basis!

Ironically, work has never been heavier and I'm not even exaggerating! I am enjoying it although I can't stop wishing I could just work from home since morning traffic is horrendous these days and sitting too long is giving me pain all over. Oh well... :)

My turn's to see Dr. A. Praying that all's well, InsyaAllah.




A lil update:


Here’s Baby A at 32 weeks. See how chubby he already is? ;)



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2 Responses
  1. afidalina Says:

    i was just thinking about you this morning! sibuk sgt and missed reading the entry yesterday. we're already back alhamdulillah so we must visit you in May insya Allah! :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ayyakk! So montek he might be a younger version of Cousin Edrick!