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Regards, Reen

We left 443 for Pasir Mas at around 7.30 on Saturday.  Boleh tahan jugak jalan nya.  Masuk kampung keluar kampung.  Masuk ladang keluar ladang.  But it was nice for a change. One thing I noticed was, pergi mana2 pun mesti jumpa MRSM. The one in Kuala Lipis is practically in the middle of nowhere!

We stopped for a toilet break at RnR Gua Musang and continued to Pasir Mas.

Arrived at the wedding venue at about 2.30 p.m. Ingatkan we would be among the latecomers,  tapi rupanya masa tu orang tengah ramai. It was scorching hot. The food at the kenduri is soooo sedap! And the shaved ice is probably one of the best I've tasted, Alhamdulillah. 

We left Pasir Mas after that for KB pulak.

Dah lama tak letak gambar.. ;)

The boys,  right before we left 443 for KB.

We decided to take the kids for a road trip to East Coast for the Merdeka long weekend. It's been a while since we took them anywhere (the usual excuse : Adli kecik lagi, it would be too much to handle semua2 etc, hehe). So since Adli pun dah setahun, we thought it's high time.

We left home after Isyak on Friday and spent the night at 443 so that we could leave really early the next day for KB.

It's the first day of toilet training Muiz.  I've been delaying it sebab rasa tak sempat and tak larat and tak sanggup nak deal with the mess.

It's only 10 a.m... so far so good. Hope it's going to be a successful day. Amiin.

I've decided to make this blog private, at least for the time being. I've been wanting to write, I feel like I have so many things to write about but there are times when I don't want my thoughts to be read. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it doesn't really matter. Does it?

I sent my phone for repair today. Pecah seribu when it slipped off my hands early yesterday morning. Ada hikmahnya lah agaknya. Maybe I've been a little too attached to my phone that it has to be taken away. This is a little hard for me to accept... But who am I kidding? That's the truth.

Naturally I feel a little lost today. Terasa sunyi semacam. Terus rasa nak menulis. Padahal iPad ni dah lama tak dipegang.

Spent a little time with Afiq & Mariessa today as well. Sekolah kebangsaan cuti lagi for CNY while kindergartens tak cuti. I wish I could spend more time like this.. Dilema ibu anak 5 lah ni. Kesiannnn yang besar2, Mama asyik busy dengan yang kecik2. Hopefully there'll be more opportunities like this in the future InsyaAllah.

Cukup lah dulu for a comeback entry kan. Let's hope there's more to come.

Afiq gave me these for Mother's Day today. Well actually he gave one for me and one for Shahril. I am deeply touched particularly because he has been very careful with his pocket money this year. When he started Year 2 this year, he had RM 4 in his wallet and that RM4 was actually fom last year's pocket money.

Ever since he started school I made sure he brought 'bekal' to school every day. For me, It's more about instilling the habit than saving money. Last year he would normally spend RM 1 of his pocket money on (sweet ) drinks.

When he started Year 2 this year, I told him that it's ok if he wants to spend money once in a while on anything that he likes, but not everyday. To my surprise, the first month of school went by without him spending a single ringgit!

The only time he used his pocket money so far, was to contribute to his class collection of money to buy a gift for the Headmaster when he was transferred!

Then a friend came to visit last month, and gave Afiq RM5 'duit belanja'. Even then, he had somehow managed not buy anything.

Last Friday, I had to wait a few minutes longer than usual when picking him up. He got in the car and apologized. (I didn't realize the wait, to be honest). But I asked him the reason he felt he was late anyway. "Abang pegi kedai buku tadi, Abang beli sesuatu untuk Mama. Ahad ni kan Mother's Day.. Abang ada surprise untuk Mama!"

I choked.

Afiq, I hope you'll grow up to always be thoughtful like this. Please know that it doesn't matter what it is that you buy, and it never will... but it's your thoughts that really count. They may seem small to you, but moments like these mean the world to me. There will never be a day in my life without my do'a for you. Semoga Allah sentiasa menjaga hati, menguatkan iman, melindungi Afiq dari apa jua kemungkaran. Doa Mama semoga Allah melimpahkan rezeki, memanjangkan umur dan semoga kita sentiasa dalam rahmatNya. What a fine man you will be, sayang. InsyaAllah.