1. I can foresee lots of randomness postings coming.

2. Why is it I only feel like writing when I'm swamped with work, I have no idea.

3. For the first time in my life, I got lucky while shoe shopping. Bought from the first shop I went to, and the 1st design I tried on. Tukar size sekali je. Whole process took 15 minutes! Foresee Dr. Cardin becoming my best friend from now on.

4. On my way out from surau, i bumped into a lady who was in the same training class with me last week. She is this typical lady yang suara lembut2 gitu. She apparently found out that I am pregnant. In her haste (I'm assuming) of making small talk, she said Hi..and then said.. "eh you tak nampak pregnant pun... gemuk je!" I pun terkulat2 lah nak jawab kan. I mean, have u ever had someone who goes right up to you and said, eh you gemuklah? How do i respond to that? Pastu while I'm still terkulat2 fikir how to respond, she gave another remark.. "tapi u dah nak due dah kan?"

I foresee her NEVER becoming my best friend. Ever.

5. Looking forward to go to Seremban 3, to meet with a dear friend and learn about cloth diapers from her.

6. It's 9 minutes to freedom. I love Fridays!

1. Work is drowning me like never before.

2. In every office that I've worked in, there MUST be at least one person who would call me Ainul. Why, is beyond me.

3. I very much think this could be my worst 'morning' sickness ever. For all 3 pregnancies so far, my morning sickness comes in the form of batuk2, always. No loya2, no muntah2. Just batuk. Really bad batuk. I remember it went on for weeks, just like this time. But the 'intensity' was never this bad. For the last 20 days or so.. during the day I'll be relatively OK. Malam, the moment nak tidur je I'll start coughing. And it won't stop until 3a.m. Seriously. After 3a.m. batuk will magically just disappear. And I'll get to sleep only to wake up at 6 for work. I tried tidur duduk, switching off the aircond, minum gallons of warm water, nothing works. Last night, for the first time in this pregnancy, lepas dinner, batuk batuk batuk - muntah! Tapi, surprisingly, I went to bed at 10... and didn't wake up til 6! It was almost unbelievable. What's more unbelievable is, I'm more tired today than I usually am when I get only 3 hours of sleep at night. I am so tired, I wish I can just lie down under my table right now.

4. Mali's Corner's Char Kuey Teow is still the best CKT for me.

5. St. Ives' Apricot Scrub is still the best facial scrub for me. Pregnancy this time brings along some irritating small small jerawat on my face, and my face feels extra oily and comot. (Fact: Anything and everything (good or bad, especially bad) that happens during pregnancy will always be blamed on pregnancy hormones. It helps to have something to blame on, trust me). After just one wash with the facial scrub, my face feels oh so clean! I can now breathe again.

Now that I'm breathing again, maybe I should get back to work. Maybe not.