Especially for Akak, who suggested putting up the pic on this blog. Pretty or not?? La la la la laaa....

So… my birthday came, and went in a jiffy. Did nothing special in particular, but it was a special day indeed. Thank you so much for the all the wishes. We are, afterall, only as young (or old) as we feel, no? And I feel justtttt nice. Not too young, not too old either. I’ve lived for 30 years, and life has treated me well. And I pray that I get to live for more than another 30 years. :)

2007 was a very good year. Full of ups and downs, of course. But we pulled through. Every cloud has a silver lining, isn’t it? That’s what we keep telling ourselves when something bad happens. And when good things happen, we need to remind each other that we have to keep our feet on the ground, that ‘kesenangan’ is also a test from Allah.To see whether we would be grateful.

We moved into our new house on March 3rd. Alhamdulillah, the whole process of buying the house didn’t give us too much headache. Except the joker we were dealing with, the so called agent of the bank. I was 7 months along with Mariessa then.

End of March, our maid came to live with us. Alhamdulillah, so far, she’s doing OK. I hope she’ll stay that way.

April 2nd, exactly on the due date, Mariessa popped out. Not so easily though. A beautiful baby, just as beautiful as our first born, Afiq. This time I had a normal delivery with the help of epidural, and vacuum. Traumatic, really. Hehe.

As we were leaving the hospital, I remember Hubby received a call. It was then all the mess at (his) office started. Backstabbing issue. Hubby was hit hard. Stayed out of office for almost 3 weeks I think, and decided to go for another job. (Oh, sempat pegi cameron highlands dulu to wind down. Mariessa was only 2-3 weeks then, I think). Alhamdulillah, a month after it all started, Hubby started working for another company. We definitely learned a valuable lesson then. Your best friend could very well be your worst enemy. I pray that we don’t have to go thru this ever again.

Afiq turned 2 on April 16th. And on May 1st, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary.

I’m not good at recalling by the way. My memory is very selective, so I found out. And no, it has nothing to do with my age. :P

Work wise, there wasn’t anything much. After 3 years of contract, I was made permanent by the company. Was given salary increment. Although not much, it’s still better than nothing. :)

The last ‘event’ for the year was when Hubby was admitted for sinusitis on December 27. Stayed 3 days at the hospital and underwent a procedure to flush out the blockage. Sounds very simple, but heart breaking (for me) all the same.

(Kalau ada lagi..nanti2 tambah.. ;) )

What do I wish for 2008? Hmmm… I hope to lose ALL the weight I somehow managed to gain all these years, and more! That, of course has been in my list for as long as I remember lah kan, but what the heck. Who knows my determination will finally pay off kan ke?

I hope to spend more quality time with Hubby, Afiq & Mariessa. In short, I hope 2008 will bring us happiness, health and wealth. And I do hope we will always be in the right path. Ameen. :)

It’s my last day of being a 20-something. :) Come tomorrow..(yes, JANUARY 4th, everybody!!) actually, if we count right down to the minute, it’s only another 12 hours away from the time I’m writing this down, I’ll be 30!!

Kalau dulu-dulu, bila org sebut umur 30 tahun, rasa macam, ‘makkkk aiii, tuanya!”. Now that I’ve reached there, I don’t know how to feel. I mean, how do you feel ‘thirty’ anyway?

Am looking forward to spend some quality time tomorrow with my husband. We’re taking the day off from work and go jalan jalan. Yey!

While I’m at it, Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2008 will bring lots and lots of happiness of every kind!