It was raining yesterday when I was walking out of the office. I usually walk to the bus stop across the road to wait for Hubby so he doesn't have to do a U-turn to pick me up and go home. Luckily I keep an umbrella in my office locker for times like yesterday. Anyway, it was not only raining but also windy that I had to hold on tight to my umbrella to make sure it didn't get carried away by the wind. It was an adventure in its own, really. Lucky my boss had to borrow my notebook home, so I was just berlenggang yesterday.

I was a lil early, so I sat at the bus stop watching people passing by in the rain. Anyway, you know those zebra crossings for pedestrians to cross the road? I've always wondered why most drivers won't stop and let those people cross the road. Knowing Malaysian drivers, of course, it's a small wonder actually. But still..

But yesterday.. I wish I had a BIG stone or whatever in my hand so I can throw it to a car. 2 ladies were waiting at the side of the road, obviously trying to get to the bus stop. They had no umbrella. And one of them was pregnant. It was a 2-lane that they were trying to cross. And at one time, the road was clear except for a new Honda Accord at the hump some 5-6 metres away from the zebra crossing. You want to know what the driver did? Instead of stopping for the poor ladies, he sped!!! The ladies had to RUN to cross the road JUST because of that stupid driver! I got sooo pissed off! There you are driving a luxury car, all safe from the rain and you don't even have the courtesy to stop??? It takes what, 3 seconds?? That, you can't spare? You damn know the traffic is heavy anyway at the traffic light ahead of you, what 3 seconds will do to you? BODOH! Kereta je besar.. OTAK kecik! STUPID! SELFISH! I so so so wish, one day, fate will twist and he will be on the side of the road wanting to cross it. And I HOPE no one, no one, will ever stop and make way. Baru tau langit tu tinggi ke rendah. Baru drive Honda Accord nak berlagak! Ni lah org kita. Sopan santun konon. Podachit!

I don't know what's in our drivers' minds. It's sad really. Once we get behind the wheels.. we turn into selfish snobs. Berlagak tak tentu pasal. Looking down on people waiting at the bust stops, not caring for motorcyclists.
Have you ever stop to make way for people crossing the road? If you have not, try do it today. I don't know about others, but back in those days when I drive to work, I sometimes look forward to stop for these people. I'm not saying I'm all that good. I have my own reasons for stopping. It makes me feel good. Especially when the person looked at me and muttered a 'thanks'. THAT makes my day, all the time. You don't need others to make your day. You don't need others to make you feel good. You can do that to yourself. Try, and tell me if it makes you feel as good as I usually do.

To that Honda Accord driver, do remember that the wheels of life never stops spinning. You might be at the top of it now. You could one day be at the bottom. Just don't be so arrogant.You might need other people's courtesy one day. One fine day.

Pagi2 lagi dah ada orang nak kena pelangkung. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hate orang yang perasan pandai. Ingat dia bagus sgt! Piiiii dahhh.. Podachit!

I honestly wish i could just pelangkung him. Seriously! Ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

The details later. I just need to get some of it out of my system first. Ish, sakit hati!!