Excited that Aunty Mas had bought him one of his favourite snacks, right after Aunty Mas went back he sat at the dining table with a plate and quietly took it out of the bag, took the dip out and began eating.

After 5 minutes, he was still eating, complete with "hmmm.. Sedapnya..hmmm"

Mariessa, obviously intrigued by the oooh and aaahh, went to the table and took a bite.

Mariessa: Abang, kenapa benda ni keras aaa?
Afiq: Sebaaaaaab..... Kejap, kejap. Maaaaa! Apa nama ni, yang Aunty Mas beli untuk Abang ni?
Mama: Pretzel.
Afiq: Haaa. Pretzel. Sebaaaaab Pretzel ni orang tu buatttt guna daging!! Tu la sebab dia keras!
Mariessa: Ohhhhh.. (Admiring the brother who knows so much)

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Last Monday:

(on the phone – 9 am)

Afiq: Mamaaaaa….. (suara sgt sedih dan sayu)

Mama: Haaa.. kenapa ni Fiq? (suspense already)

Afiq: Mamaaaaaaaaaaa…. Abang boring lah Mama. Abang tak tauuuuu dah nak buat apa. Booosan lah Mama. Tak tahan dah ni!

Mama: Laaaaaa…. Toy kan banyak.. Abang main la dengan toy Abang.

Afiq: Ala…. Abang boring laaa.. asyik mainnnnnnn je

Mama: Hmmm.. kalau boring main, Abang tengok TV la dulu. Kan ada Cartoon Network?

Afiq: Hari hari pun Abang tengok TV Mama. Boring laaaa….

Mama: Hmmm… ok ok.. Nanti Mama telefon Ayah.  (Escape route paling penting bila tak tau nak jawab apa… pass baton kat Ayah. Hahahahah)

-- Now I’m pening, this is only the first week of school holiday Afiq dah keboringan. Aiyo. What should I do eh? Suggestions anyone? Please?


This morning while having breakfast at home. Rory the Racing car is just starting:

Afiq: Mama, Mama… nanti bila Abang dah besar… Abang nak drive kereta Abang sendiri!

Mama: Bolehhhhh, Abang belajar rajin rajin, lepas tu Abang kerja elok elok, nanti bila dah cukup duit, Abang beli kereta sendiri k? (Underlying message: jangan harap Mama Ayah nak belikan kereta nanti.. heheheh). Abang nak beli kereta apa?

Afiq: Abang nak Ferrari! Abang nak colour red!

Mama: Wow, nice car! (Bersyukuuuuurrrr… anak saya tinggiiiiii cita2nya! Heheh. Nanti boleh Mama tumpang!)

Mariessa: Kakak, Mama? Kakak???

Mama: Kakak nak beli kereta apa nanti?

Kakak: Hmmmmm…. Kakakkkk kan.. Kakakkkkk nak beli…….. keretaaaaaaa…..pi!

Afiq: Hahahahahaha… Kakak nak beli keretapi!

Mariessa: Biar lah! Nanti kereta Kakak panjang! Kereta Abang kecik kenot! (I don’t know from where she heard this phrase ‘kecik kenot’ but she is very fond of using it)

Afiq: Mama… ada ke girl drive keretapi Mama?

Mama: Errr…. ada!!!

IMG00403-20101120-1532 IMG00404-20101120-1533

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Just received some pictures of most of us that day from Ngah. Thought I should just put some here – lebih kurang je pun gambar2nya.. hehe. :)




Thanks for coming guys!

Special thanks to ‘uncle Salleh’ – tukang amik gambar2 ni… yang snapnya 9 kali… kiranya 2 kali je.. :P:P

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It’s Adreena’s 1st Birthday today. We did a small makan2 to celebrate her birthday in advance last Sunday. I’ll just put some random pictures taken that day ye?

AdreenaCake P1030553

Told the cake guy I only want Adreena’s name on the cake.. Tup2.. panjang lebarrrrr tulihnya. Oh well….

P1030606 P1030626

What’s left. :) A nice pandan cake indeed.

P1030529 P1030522

Receiving presents from Aunty Mas. Thank you Aunty Mas! Thank you Aunty Pet!

P1030538 P1030540

Dia mmg suka benda tekan2 ni.. :D


Kakak duduk kat sofa je tapinya…. sakit kaki lah katakan! :D


Tapi nak tengok toy baru punya pasal, lupa sekejap sakit kaki. That’s Aunty Mas, giving tutorial.. hehehe.. dah nama pun lecturer, dak? :D. Aunty Pet supervisor. :)

 P1030564 P1030589

Nyamuk mana lahhhh yang berani gigit pipi birthday girl ni? Ish!


From Aunty Nid. Thank you Aunty Nid. Kawaiii ne?

cakecutting cakecutting2

P1030607 P1030630



You know the party’s over when the birthday girl starts crying. :D



On their the 1st birthdays, respectively.


Adreena… exactly a year ago.


Happy 1st Birthday sayang! Mama and Ayah love you more than we can ever say.

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My first time doing a review, mainly because I want to remember the books I read recently and just an excuse for me to rant about Harry Potter. :D. If you haven’t seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, and you intend to, please don’t continue reading. I don’t want to spoil it for you in any way. Not that it was not awesome, in fact it was ‘wicked’ as Ron would say and I was practically ‘ternganga’ throughout the movie. :D

Okay, before I talk about Harry and I really can go on and on forever, I finished my first book from my recent ‘borong buku’ purchase 4 days after starting it.


My first book by Fiona Gibson.  I enjoyed it and was glad that I chose this book to be read first. I have to admit that I bought the book because I fell for the title, and it didn’t disappoint. Didn’t really read word to word though, but then I rarely do that anyway with any books except errr.. maybe Harry Potter books. ;).

loveletters My 2nd book, and I finished it in just 3 days! I picked this up on Friday night and finished it on Sunday night. I must say I enjoyed this more than the first book, and this is also my first book by Katie Fforde. I chose this book because I liked the look of it as a whole. (Yes, yes… judge a book by its cover and its back actually for the synopsis) The illustration, the title, the…. errr what do you call that small description at the cover? everything.

One thing that keeps bugging me til the end though is that, I keep wondering why it’s called Love Letters. I mean, nobody writes any kinds of love letters (the kind you put in the envelope and mail or the ones you email ) to anyone in the book. I wondered if letters means alphabets (don’t see the logic of it). I even wondered if love letters refers to the wafer we eat, hehe… you know..

LoveLettersWafer like this one. (can’t decide whether I love the strawberry or the chocolate more and not sure whether this is even available in England or Ireland where the story takes place, hehe)

I still don’t have the answer to this, not even sure whether it really matters. But yeah, I enjoyed reading this book a lot.

And finally…..

HPTeaserPoster (all pictures from http://www.movieposterdb.com)

What can I say? In my mind, I knowwwwwww that the movie can’t go wrong. Not with me, at least. I couldn’t stop wishing it won’t end so soon though. Didn’t feel like 2 and a half hours, and when the movie ended all I could think of is that the next HP movie will be the very last. :(


When they were in the woods, I half expected Robert Pattinson to suddenly appear though. Hehe. That would have been nice! :P

Harry Hermoine HarryHermoine

Love their friendship. Love Harry. Love Hermoine. Ala2 James Bond / Bond girl gitu, the 3rd picture – would have been nice if Ginny was in the picture instead. :)

Ron ROnHermoine

I love how Ron enlightens the whole movie. He makes people laugh so effortlessly. I love the fact that his love for Hermoine is projected so strongly, without being all lovey dovey and  mushy. :). Wicked!


Almost shed a tear when Dobby died :(


I miss Dumbledore though.

A great movie indeed. Can’t wait to see the ending. Please make it at least 4 hours! :D

We went back to Jelebu on malam raya. First time experiencing traffic jam along the LEKAS highway. It wasn’t that bad actually but for a highway that’s usually extremely empty, it’s worth mentioning lah. Jam nya cuma dekat2 tol Setul. 2 km beratur to pay toll. Itu pun, the queue was actually only for cash paying users. Yang Smart Tag and Touch N Go… lengang! Biasalah Malaysians kan… selagi boleh potong queue… potonggggggg. Sebab tu lah orang yang nak guna Smart Tag macam saya pun, tersangkuttt lah jugak di belakang orang2 bayar tunai yang tak reti2 nak beratur itu.

Yang saya paling tak faham dari dulu sampai sekarang ialah kenapa orang sanggup beratur nak bayar tunai daripada nak gunakan kad Touch N Go tu? I can understand if some people hesitate over buying the Smart Tag reader which costs around RM100 (small price to pay for convenience if you ask me), but Touch N Go bukannya mahal pun kalau nak beli kad tu. Tak sanggup nak beratur, tapi tak nak usaha pegi beli TNGo tu. Lepas tu, potong queue! Ish! Tak faham lah!

Eh.. laaa.. terkeluar topik sikit nampaknya saya. :D

Anyway, the next day, korban started at about 10am and lucky for us, the place for the korban is just a few metres away from my MIL’s house. MIL insisted that we go see it as we have our share in it. So, berangkut lah saya anak beranak ke tempat penyembelihan. :). I say berangkut, because Your Highness Drama Queen yang seorang itu still refused to walk, hence Ayah kena dukung/angkut!


That’s “our” cow. Earlier on, My MIL kept saying “lembu kito yang warna meghah tu ha!” Puas  saya cari… In my head I pictured a literally red cow! Silly me! :)


Afiq and his cousins. On his right is Arif who is 2 years older, and the one in pink is Hakim who is only 10 days younger than Afiq. Best buddies ni. They were the most excited ones lah.

Right before the sembelih:

Afiq: Wahhh… orang tu nak sembelih… errr… kerbu (kerbau + lembu)… eh…. lembing…. (lembu + kambing) eh… lembu lah!!!!

Hahahahahaha Nampak sangat budak bandar nya tak? Hahahahaha…


Adreena was there too. Got a bit scared a some point. ;)


Not easy, this sembelih business. Takes 10 men to hold down one (red) cow. :D

AA9 AA10

When there’s camera, pose! ;)

AA11 AA12

Miss Drama Queen kita. Siap ada kerusi untuk dia duduk ok? Adoilaa…

IMG00378-20101117-1025 AA18

Nyang pulak jadi bodyguard dia! Punya lah jauhhhh dia duduk from lembu tu. Itu pun, almost menangis sebab takut lembu tu datang kat dia! Anak sapaaaaaaa lah ni. (Shahriiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllll):P


Afiq yang steady je. Haaaa.. ni sah sah ikut perangai Mama.. ;)

We left Jelebu at 2.30pm once the distribution of the daging korban is done, and went beraya to Aunty Mas' house in Bangi.

AA14 Penat beraya ni, budak ni. :)

AA15 AA16

Nasib baik lahhhhh ada SSC ni. Terpaksa lah Ayah guna nak mengangkut Drama Queen nan seorang. Suka dia, Ayah ‘kokkong’! Haiii lah anak.

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone!

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