Shahril and I spent the weekend going in and out of the house.

We started Saturday off by going to the Pasar Tani at 7.30. Bought ikan patin, ikan keli and ikan tilapia merah and some vegies. Yes, theme for the week – ikan darat. (that’s what people call ikan2 from sungai right?). Saja je tukar selera from ikan2 laut. :)

Since we couldn’t find nasi lemak ‘best’ kat Pasar Tani – the usual nasik lemak stall was missing in action maybe dah balik kampung for raya agaknya, and the only other stall selling nasi lemak was crowded & I dah panas hati waiting (ye lah, dah la ramai org tunggu, lepas tu orang yang nak membungkus tu pun kelam kabut semacam… nak scoop telur rebus pun sampai 5 kali try baru telur tu naik atas sudu… tension lah! Dah that slice of telur rebus tak nak masuk sudu.. boleh tak ambik je yang lain belambak2 tepi dia? Nakkkkkk jugak ambik that one.. haiyak). – so we went ngeteh kat kedai, instead.

Came home at 9… and went out again at 9.30 to Big Bad Wolf book sale @ South City Plaza. Arrived at SCP a few minutes before 10 (the sale starts at 10) and the queue was already soooooooo long! But luckily once the entrance was open, it didn’t feel too crowded inside the hall.

Oh was I in book heaven! Soooo many books and sooooo cheap! I think we spent almost 2 hours there. Well, I made a few rounds around the hall looking for books while Shahril made one round and wait for me by our box. Hahaha

boxOur box. At one time Shahril left this box at a corner for a few minutes and when he came back, a few books were missing from it! Pemalas betul whoever stole the books from our box, go lah find the books on you own. Hish!! Luckily I managed to find the titles again. 

So in the end.. we walked away with:

afiqBook1 AfiqBook2

2 books for Afiq

MariessaBook1 MariessaBook2

2 books for Mariessa. Ada cerita di sebalik muka moyok dah senyum paksa Mariessa ni.

AdreenaBook1 AdreenaBook2

Can you tell how much Adreena loves her book? She won’t stop poking at the button to hear monkey sound!


… and the rest!


These are Shahril’s. (Obviously). Entah bilaaaa la saya nak ikut jejak langkah dia suka baca buku2 mcm ni. :)

P1030459 P1030460

3 Jeffry Archers and 1 John Grisham. Can you believe that they are only RM8 each? Yup2.. Hardcover and all.

P1030461 P1030458

Some Chicken Soups too. I’m starting with “Mummy said the f-word” by Fiona Gibson. Baru Page 10. Let’s see when I can finish them all. Am excited!!


Oh, and 1 cook book. Let’s hope we’ll be seeing lots and lots of beautiful bread from now on eh? ;)

Satisfied with the books – well, not really, but we had to go home anyway because it was Mini Concert & Ihtifal Day for Little Caliphs and Afiq had to be at school at 2 pm. So we got home at 1 and after lunch I sent Afiq to LC pulak. Oh, not without a drama though. When we arrived at the school Afiq suddenly remembered that he has to wear his kopiah! The kopiah is actually part of the school uniform, but he has never worn it to school before. I don’t even remember where we keep it!

He wanted to go home to look for his kopiah and didn’t want to get out of the car. Told him that I would speak to his teacher and see what we can do. Luckily they have some spare kopiahs (dah tau dah agaknya, mestiiiii ada yang lupa!), tapi Afiq pulakkkk tak nak pakai! After 10 minutes of pujuk2 session, baruuuu lah nak! Pheewwww…

Dapat lah rest sekejap after that… before we went out again, to Little Caliphs to attend the Mini concert at 4pm. Our plan was to bring Mariessa along, but earlier that morning, she tripped over one of her toys and claimed that her kaki sakit, she refused to walk. So I told her that once we come back from Afiq’s concert, we would bring her to the clinic. Itu lah sebab muka kelat2 tu tunjuk buku…. sakit kaki!

The mini concert was great! Didn’t take lots of pictures, but I do have some videos on their performances. One of these days, I’ll upload them to YouTube ok?

P1030469 I was too lazy to get up to snap a head-less picture. :D

P1030486 P1030471

Afiq beside the stage (without kopiah, as you can see.. I don’t know what happened to the spare one… not that it matters. :D)

P1030475 P1030476

Afiq waving to Ayah, Mama, Aunty Mas & Aunty Pet.

P1030485 His award this year: Best Hafazan for 5 yr old. Alhamdulillah. We are very proud of you, son!

Right after the concert, we rushed home and brought Mariessa to the clinic. Was told that she sprained her ankle – a mild one, the Doctor said and that we have nothing to worry about. But of course, this is Mariessa we’re talking about kan.. hehehe.. being the drama queen that she is, sampai today pun takut nak jalan lagi. Sakit kaki, tapi makan punnnn  nak kena bersuap! :P

IMG00351-20101114-1837 Orang sakit kaki. :D

IMG00348-20101114-0941 IMG00347-20101114-0940

This was on Sunday morning. A quick trip to Tesco with the kids sans Mariessa. Seronok bukan main lagi Adreena!

2 Responses
  1. Aber Says:

    budak kecik yg picture last sekali tu chuppp wat menantu jugak yer :P

  2. Serene Says:

    buleh buleh....

    Ni bday dia coming... lagi seminggu ni.. sila sediakan hadiah yang best2 ok? :D
    Nak potong queue kalu... sila bagi Mama dia hadiah sekali! :D