Alhamdulillah, ever since Bibik came to join us a month ago, our weekends seem to be more fun and packed with activities as opposed to having me stressed out to complete all the house chores and in the end too tired to think about anything else but rest. I’m definitely not a super woman. :D

Woke up Saturday morning with no plans whatsoever. But during breaskfast, Mariessa asked:

“Kita nak pegi mana hari ni Ayah? Hari ni kan cutiiiiiiiiii?? Jom la kita pegi teiko (Tesco).” Asalkan jalan je.. mesti lah nak pegi Tesco. Tu je yang dia tau. :P

Her being daddy’s girl.. Shahril pun didn’t have the heart to say No to that. So after a quick ‘kita nak pegi mana ni?- cuba check the rate for this place online – call je lah senang- ok ke nak pegi situ- nak parking kat mana’ discussion, off we went with 2 kids in tow. As Adreena wasn’t too well, terpaksa tinggalkan dia, plus we think she’s still too small to enjoy the games.

P1030362 P1030363

Cosmo’s World Theme Park @ Berjaya Times Square.

P1030368 P1030366

P1030381  P1030439

P1030393 P1030388


It was bright and colourful. I loved it!

P1030423 P1030433

Ntah berapa kaliiiii dia beratur for this! :D


Punyaaaa lah banyak games dalam tu but she enjoyed this one the most! Ade ke?? Susah payahhhhh bayar mahal2. Hehe



Masa ni tengah fikir.. nak ke tak nak? nak ke… tak nak?


After kejap nak.. kejap tak nak… finally…on the roller coaster!!!


After… (poning!) Ngeh2

Needless to say, the kids (and the kids at heart) had a blast!

Enough with the fun… now on to something much more fun.

Sometimes God works in a mysterious ways, kan. (Suspense tak tiba2 je ayat macam ni?). Read on, I’ll get to my point eventually.

Well, before we left home for BST, we contemplated on taking the Monorail instead of driving there. But since we just could not think of any stations practical enough to park the car and hop on the train, and after checking out the parking rate, we decided to park at Sungei Wang Plaza instead.

To cut the longggggg story short, after we’re done with all the games and Mariessa was getting cranky (penat & lapar), we left BTS on foot towards Sungei Wang Plaza. And since the surau at BTS was super super super duper packed, we decided to solat at Low Yatt Plaza instead after grabbing a quick lunch.

Dah alang alang ada kat Low Yatt Plaza kannnnnnnnnnnnnn……. (haaa…. can you guess where I’m getting at now? No? Yes? Heheheh).

Shahril: Nak tengok tak?

Me: Nak tengok apa? (buat2 tak faham… jantung dup dap dup sudah).

Shahril: One time offer ni! (Dia sukaaaaaaaaaa buat macam tu tau… and every time he does that I really really don’t know whether I really should take up on his offer, or be a nice wife like I am and say… hmmm next time lah!)

Maka nya….


A new toy!!!!!


Bila dah sampai kat rumah… lain la pulak functionnya tapi. Boys will aways be boys dak?

(I honestly didn’t know that thing has so many functions.. ingatkan GPS semata2. :D)

It comes with a warning though: “kalau sesatttttttt jugak lepas ni, kita jual balik kat ok?”

The next day we went to Mydin USJ for our monthly shopping.. oh of course, with the help of Miss GPS lah konon (practice… practice…). I had to endure Shahril’s arguing with Miss GPS allllllllllll the way there! “Aderrrr ke dia suruh ikut situ? kata shortest route? sini lagi dekat laaaa…. tollway avoidance kan?… kenapa suruh masuk expressway pulak? ntah apa2 direction dia ni…. hahhh… dah senyap dah?? re-routing lah tu!… baru 90km/h je…dah sibuk suruh observe speed limit!”

Note to self: never, ever, ever, bring Miss GPS again when going anywhere we know of. Especially when Shahril is driving. :P:P

To my GPS-man, you’re (still) the best GPS ever! :D

Now on to the 2nd item on my wishlist….. Yey!

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2 Responses
  1. Aunty Mas Says:

    Fuyyyyooooooo! Arini pegi keje bawak GPS tak? Ke kalau bawak, tak sampai lak ke office tuh? Hehehehe....

    Kalau cam gitu, Mama la yg paling happy last weekend eh? Sebab dah nampak jalan kan kan kan?

    Yayyy for the kids too!

  2. Serene Says:

    Ohhhh... bawak mek!!!!!! Tapi halfway to office, battery dah weak. (Semalam lupa nak charge.. mesti ada orang main game ni!!! ) Hahahahah.. Nasib baikkkkkkkk ingat ofis kat mana! :P