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Officially a mother of THREE! :D

The due date is today. And I’m still waiting. :) If the baby decides to make her appearance today, then she’ll be following Mariessa’s footstep in coming out on the EDD day itself. If she decides not to come out today, she’ll be the first overdue baby among my children. :) Not that the date matters, as long as she comes out healthy, and hopefully it’ll be a smooth delivery. InsyaAllah. Amin.

My last checkup was yesterday (Saturday). Again, the gynae said it’s going to a big baby. At least 3.6kg was his exact words. And according to him, there was already a 1.5cm opening. So if it doesn’t happen today, I’ll be seeing him again tomorrow.

I’m getting more nervous by the minute, needless to say. I’ve been walking a lot lately, konon2 to encourage labor to happen. :) Went ‘ngeteh’ with Akak on Friday. First at Giant, later at Jusco Cheras Selatan. Walking is not entirely effortless on my part, so I can safely say I’ve been working out hard. ;) On Saturday after the checkup, we went (sans Afiq) looking for Raspberry leaf tea (thanks Rina for the reminder, I’ve totally forgotten about that. I did drink that while waiting for Mariessa to come out dulu. ;) ). We went high and low looking for it. First at Tesco because that was where I found it last time. Or so I thought, because I could not find it anymore there. Then we went all the way to Mydin USJ to look for it. Not there either. After making a quick stop at a friend’s house in Casa Subang, we went to Summit pulak, thinking Cold Storage might has it. Tapi al-kisah, Cold Storagenya pun dah tutup!!!!!  So, we came home empty handed. Well, not exactly empty handed, but without raspberry leaf tea lah. O well…

Afiq is with Aunty Mas and Aunty Pet this weekend, in (I think the place is called) Jeram. He’s having loads of fun, from the sound of it. Mariessa when asked whether or not she wants to go along, smiled sheepishly and geleng kepala. Heheh. Dia ni lain sikit clingynya. :)

But I’ve never realized how attached she really is to Afiq. She was OK in the beginning, didn’t really ask about Afiq. But lama2 nampak she’s bored. No one to gaduh with in the car while strapped on her carseat. :). Malam tadi she began asking about Afiq almost non-stop. “Abang kat mana?” “Kenapa Abang tak balik?” Bila dapat cakap ngan Afiq on the phone, muka nya berseri2! Kesian pun ada bila tengok mcm tu. :)

The first thing she asked this morning when she woke up was… “Mama, abang mana?” Lepas tu, every other word was… “Abang?”.. :)It’s touching.

It’s almost lunch time now. Chef Shahril has taken over my kitchen since last night. :) It was daging salai masak lomak cili api for dinner last night, and it’s going to be Tom Yam Ayam for lunch sekejap lagi. :) Ohh yummss.

Early this morning, I really thought labor is going to happen today after a small ‘sign’ that makes me really nervous. But now I’m not so sure anymore. InsyaAllah I’ll be announcing it to the world soon. InsyaAllah. Please keep on praying for us, ye? :)

Still waiting..

1. Am already resting at home on doctor’s advice. I am in my 38th week now. On Monday, I was really glad I didn’t have to go to work. Tuesday I was OK. Wednesday, I was feeling bored. Today? I have no idea what I want to do with my day. :) Am not complaining though. I’m enjoying spending time with myself, watching TV.. doing nothing. It’s just that I still need to find something to do. I don’t think it’s good for me to just sit on the sofa all day, kan.

2. I never thought I’ll say this… but hmm… for the past one month or so.. i find folding clothes, well.. enjoyable. Almost therapeutic actually. I am happy with this change of course, because nak tak nak, I still have to do it. And it’s so much easier to do it now, that I actually enjoy doing it. So, yay me! :D. I still hate putting the clothes into the wardrobe though.. so I pass that task to Shahril still. Heheh…

3. We registered Afiq to a kindy already. He starts on January 3rd next year. That’s a day before my 32nd birthday. :) I am excited, and nervous for him. He’s very excited about it. The only thing I’m worried about is how Mariessa is going to cope not having Afiq at the nursery in the morning. I hope when the time comes, she’ll adjust. :) They always do, kan? Kan? :)

4. I’ve started feeling nervous thinking about labor. :) My gynae estimated baby besar this time. That doesn’t help lah kan? :) Last Saturday during checkup he estimated the baby to be around 3.4kg. That was last week… this week tak tau la pulak. Afiq was 3.0kg at birth… Mariessa was 3.1kg. Apa2 pun.. please pray for our safe delivery, ye?