1. During lunch, when asked by Ayah to pass the jug of water near her, tried to lift the jug, couldn’t and said:

Bewat lah Ayah. Nanti patah tangan kakak!”


2. After every bedtime story session with Afiq & Mariessa, Mariessa will always want to look at the picture at the back of the book. An illustration of some animals.

Mama: Ni apa.. Eyy…?

Afiq & Mariessa : lephant!!!

Mama: This one? Gi…?

Afiq & Mariessa: raffe!!!!!

Mama: Good job! What about this one? (pointing to the duck)

Afiq: Duck!

Mariessa: Bukan duck lah Abang! Duck Quack Quack!!

Mama: Ok.. last one. This is a mon…..?

Mariessa: ga!!!!!

Afiq: Ahahahaha.. Bukan mangga la kakak! Monkey lah!


Ibatlah Ibat! = Mariessa’s for Hebatlah! Hebat!

I received a call at exactly 6.45 p.m. yesterday. There are a few disturbing facts about that call that still annoy me until this morning.

1. First of all, who in the right mind would call a potential client at 6.45 p.m.? I mean, isn’t it one of the worst times to call, if not THE worst time to call someone, like ever? What more a potential client. I don’t know about the rest of the population on planet Earth, but at 6.45 p.m. on a weekday I would either be:

  • a. In the office still, doing some very urgent tasks that need to completed like yesterday (otherwise at 5.59 I’ll be at the edge of my chair, all ready to go home), in which case I will not be in the mood to entertain any calls whatsoever, much less from someone promoting something. OR


  • b. Driving home like I was yesterday stuck in the jam, listening to songs as loud as my ears could possibly tolerate, thinking about what to cook for dinner, in which case I will not be in the mood to entertain any calls whatsoever, much less from someone promoting something. OR


  • c. Already home, doing 1 million tasks (dinner to prepare, baby to breastfeed, “Mamaaaaa…. nak Milo dalam cawan!” “Mamaaaaa… nak nini!!” Mamaaaa…. kakak nak nasik dengan sup boleh tak Mama??” “Mamaaaaaa… kakak ambik toy Abangggg” “Mamaaa… tolong bukak lampu bilik air.. kakak nak ‘chin’’..)  all at the same time with my magical pair of hands, in which case I will not be in the mood to entertain any calls whatsoever, much less from someone promoting something.

2. Secondly, the caller told me she got my name from a friend of mine and told me who the friend is. Now, I don’t know what benefits this friend could get by giving out my FULL name and my phone number, but isn’t it common sense to ask for the person’s permission to give out her details before you do? Or at the very least, inform her after you do so. She won’t like it like I don’t like it, but at least you have the heart to inform her. ESPECIALLY if that friend of yours is someone you haven’t seen for 6 years, and only speak to like once a year, kot kalau ada once a year! Gosh!

3. Third of all, before calling up someone to promote something, can’t you just ‘study’ the name of the person first? I hate it when a person had to pause before saying my name. Pause, is no good because that means my name will surely, surely be pronounced wrong. I don’t have a difficult name, at least that’s what I think. Unique (ehem) maybe. But not difficult. How difficult is it to prounounce an L after AINI? There’s no such thing as silent L in my name ok? And double ‘E’ is pronounced as ‘iii” not ‘eii”, nor “eyy”. And why the heck did you just ignore the F in my name? I don’t know who Surina is, or Surena or worse, Surin. Isy!

4. Fourth and the last (for now)… When I told the caller that I was driving and I can’t talk (well, I can if I want to, loudspeaker and all, but I didn’t want to lah kan), she sounded so irritated that I could imagine her rolling her eyes when she said “Oh okaylah. Takpelah mcm tu. Terima kasih” dengan penuh sarcasticnya. Ehhhh… engkau yang telefon orang tak kena masa, nak sakit2 hati pulak! Pigidah!

Ahhhh… lega sudah. PMS? Agaknya lah. Haha..

Didn’t realize it has been 21 days since my last entry.

Oh boy, it was probably the most “interesting” 21 days I’ve ever had!

First it was Mariessa having fever, and ulcer in her mouth.

Then it was Mariessa having chicken pox… or in Mariessa’s words.. chicken POKE!

When we visited the Doctor to confirm that it really was chicken pox.. the Doctor warned us: “Chicken pox ni kalau berjangkit pun bukan sekarang tau… 2 minggu lagi baru berjangkit”

Exactly 14 days later… lo and behold! More chicken “pokes”!!!

This time around.. Adreena & Afiq pulak. 2 serentak… and twice as bad!


20062010 Adreena, on the 1st day of being poked.


3 days later.. :(

Don’t have any pictures of Afiq though, he is VERY sensitive about it. Understandably, he is actually upset about not being able to go to Little Caliphs. Having waited sixteen(!) days (“sikteen days Mama! Lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) for Little Caliphs to re-open only to be ‘poked’ on the very 16th day, hadui.. it would make ANY boy upset.

Let’s just hope the only person left in the house who hasn’t caught chicken pox won’t be poked anytime soon.. Although that would be an excellent excuse to stay away from the office, no? :D


The reason why i’m at home today, and partially yesterday. Mariessa demam & ada ulcer dalam mulut. Heartbreaking to see her moyokkkk like this. :(




How I wish I can just stay home all day. Everyday.



2005_1028Image0008 Afiq at 6 months – October 2005



Mariessa at 6 months – October 2007



Adreena 6 months  – this morning. :)





A few days ago…