So I've been slacking. Perasaan nak tulis tu actually membuak-buak. (Exaggerating a little there, but ada la sikit2). But Ya Tuhan, malas nyaaa.. A lot has happened since the last entry. Unusual amount of travelling, in comparison to our normal Kajang-Subang-Shah Alam for work and Kajang-Jelebu or Kajang-Temerloh for balik kampung. This month (November that is - mana la tau kot2 this entry gets stuck as a draft til December kan), on top of the normal places we go to, we managed to add Kulai, Genting, Bangkok, and Vietnam to our list! Kulai & Genting with Afiq & Mariessa, Bangkok just me and Shahril, and Vietnam Shahril alone. And I think December will see me going to Kuching to troubleshoot right after Raya Haji, maybe a short trip for Shahril to Labuan for work, and in January the 4 of us are going for a trip to Labuan and KK. We sure do have a lot to look forward to!

Our trip to Genting was supposedly just for me and Shahril to konon2 unwind. To get away. Feels like we've been working so hard (okay, so that part maybe is more relevant to Shahril than me.. hahaha).. and with all that has happened these last few months, we thought we needed a break. But just a few days before our Genting trip, I was instructed to attend a seminar in Bangkok. Pujuk2 Shahril to come with me, so in the end tak sampai hati nak tinggal budak2 berdua tu byk2 kali pulak. So they came with us to Genting.

Genting was OK. Started on a rough note.. with hundreds of people checking in at the First World Hotel. We reached there at about 1200.. and had to take a number to check in. Almost 300 numbers before our number is up! I'm not kidding! Patah hati betul tengok numbers tu. True they have like almost 30 counters.. but still! Took them almost 3 hours to clear that 300 ppl before us. Pheewww..

Dapat2 kunci.. pegi kat bilik.. the key won't work
! Punya la sakit hati. So I had to go back to the counter to complain. Wahhh!! got queue also you know to complain! Beraturrr lah lagi. Kena tukar bilik pulak. Sampai kat bilik.. mmg betul la orang kata.. kecikkkkkkkkkk giler bilik kat sana! If we had known we were going to bring the children along, I dont think we would have chosen the hotel in the first place. In conclusion..I dont think we will ever stay there again.

Tak larat dah nak tulis. I'll let the pictures tell the story k? (Tiba2 mood malas dtg, hehe)

Tak tau la apa relevance Chelsea Bus ngan Genting.

Afiq dah pandai posing. I don't know why but everytime we ask Mariessa to smile for the camera, she will do the kaki-kangkang and tonggek pose like this. Kira sexy kot aa?

To prove my point. See?

Anak2 I mmg suka dengan vehicles. Tak kira lah apa. Epopolane (aeroplane) ke, Thomas (train) ke, Cars ke.. mmg dah jadi minat Afiq. Mariessa biasala.. apa abg suka.. dia tumpang sekali.

See? Semuaaa dia nak cuba

Sama kan muka? Heheh. Anak ayah katakan..

Awal2 nampak these flying jumbo.. Afiq dah excited nak naik. So right after we finished one round in the park naik kereta antik yang terkedek2.. we got on the flying jumbo!!

Then it was this flying spacecar pulak!

After that, naik Thomas (Afiq calls all trains Thomas). Punyaaaa lah slow train ni. Sampaikan Afiq pun naik boring. "Kenapa Thomas ni slow sgt ni Ma?" hehe

Afiq gayat nak naik kuda ni. Ntah apa2 ntah. So he sat with me on the seats provided. Last2 Ayahnya yg naik. One happy man, this one! ;)

Ni Shahril nak sgt try. So he tried. Sementara dia try this one, we waited kat tepi. Tu pun afiq menangis2 nak ikut.. Mariessa menangis2 "nak ayah!!! nak ayah!!" Adoi laaa pening. One Indian tourist come and ambik gambar Afiq tengah nangis. He said, "Smile, beta, smile.." trying to cheer Afiq up. One nice guy.

But the trip ended well. Tak dapat nak main byk sgt, since we were with the children.. main yg Family games je. Jadikla. But we'll definitely go there again, just the 2 of us. Hehe.

Cerita lain, lain kali rajin k? ;)