Bought this cute caftan with pants at Pasar Payang KT. Too bad they don't have any other colour in her size. Kalau x, dah sure borong 2-3.

I doubt there will be Part 3.. But anyhow,

The view from our room. This is my 2nd time in Awana Kijal. The first time was in 2006 when I had to do a simple system installation on a system in Kerteh airport tower. Overall, I think the hotel is OK.
A luxurious 5 star resort of international standard you'll treasure the experience."

BUT (kena la ada but, baru best). I truly don't understand why they just cannot provide the wifi for free at the lobby. I mean, c'mon!! We pay soo much staying there, you still want to charge RM15 per hour for wifi aaaa? Aiiieeee... so kedekut one! Really, I don't get it. I just can't get over it. Even now.

The Lobby..
(my pictures don't do justice to the place, so please your imagination. It's actually quite nice)

The lobby is huge, with open air concept. I remember having a welcome drink in 2006 while checking in though, but none was served this time. Hmm.. Cost-cutting measures maybe? Hehe.. Sorry, that maybe only applies in the company I'm with. Muahaha.. Everything also want to cut cost. Aiyaiyai!

Annnnnnnnnnyywayyy.. this is my room in the previous trip. This time around tak ambik pulak gambar bilik. Maybe because it's totally the same! I experienced a dejavu when I entered the room. Can't recall the room number in 2006, so i can't verify whether it's really the same room. Not that it's important lah pun kan?

The room, I feel, is a little run-down though. (And last time ada robe in the closet, this time takde pulak. Again, cost cutting measures?) And being a 5-star hotel, I think they should pay more attention to details, like the latch of the bathroom door is broken, and the door itself needs re-painting. And they have this sliding window at the bathroom. Ala.. susah nak explain, jap... cari gambar...

aaaa... This one... when it opens..

it's like this

I like the idea.. but the room we got that day.. the sliding window is almost stuck already! Bopoloh poloh (afiq speak) la nak tarik that thing to close. Like I said, it's nice.. but small things like that count.

Ok, moving on. Since we were going to stay there for 4 days, I told myself I will make sure I get to spend some time alone. Probably strolling on the beach ke.. read a book by the beach ke. Siap beli headphone for the (portable) DVD player lagi tu, so that I can enjoy watching DVD while everyone's asleep at night. And i proudly managed to do all that! Yey me!

Where I did my reading.

Feeling very d romantika d amour gitu! It was very windy (what do i expect?).. and the weather was rather funny. 1 second it was shining bright, then it was gloomy and then it was shining oh so brightly again. Didn't sit there for too long - pening kepala, kejap panas, kejap redup. But it was nice, yes.

My favourite, favourite sandal. (Can see from how worn out it is). The best I've ever had. Just to prove that I (or rather my sandals) was really there.

The book I was reading. A compilation by Reader's Digest. Quite a good read.

The swimming pool. Huge. There were a lot of people then, i think because it was school holiday.

Afiq & Mariessa (& Shahril too) had a really good time 'timin' (swimming).

I wouldn't mind going there again (especially under the same circumstances, you know... (shahril->work) + (me->holiday) = everything is paid for lah. Hehe).

Ok.. kira habis lah cerita Awana ni. Here's Afiq giving you one of his don't-mess-with-me look.
Be afraid... be very afraid!

Not that Mariessa cares that much about the look anyway.

This must be a record, isn't it? Sooo penat already!

Happy Birthday to the grrrrreatest guy in the world!!

Lots & lots of love:
Mama, Afiq & Mariessa

I know, I know.... bak kata the gorgeous Mrs.Curmudgeon, a picture is NOT worth a thousand words. Tapi tu lah, seksa betul nak mengarang2 these days. I don't know why. I'm having a permanent writer's block agaknya. Sungguh sadis sekali.

Anyway.. as fate has it.. (tragic betul bunyi nya).. baru je nak ada mood to write, duty calls lah pulak. (Dalam hati.. yey!! ada excuse tak yah tulis panjang2.. he
heh). Oleh itu, I'll leave you guys with some pictures of the kids (who else kan?) first ok?

Oh the title.. we went for a holiday at Awana Kijal last week and had a blast!. Much needed break actually, from my, ermm not so hectic work. Heheh... Correction, it was holiday for me & kids, work for Shahril.. Muahahaa.... Nanti lah cerita2 later k? Gotta run now.

Afiq was soo happy that we were going to the 'pantai' that he was smiling allllllll the way!!After a quick stop at kampung Atok to mandi2... masuk kereta balik aje, semua pengsan!!

Mariessa was really happy too... Dulu My sis a.k.a Aunty Mas used to complain that whenever we took pictures of Mariessa, mesti susah nak senyum.. Nowadays, she gives us this kind of grin everytime!

And it's really no wonder where she takes this grin from


And last but not least..

Ok.. now i really have to run! Chiow!!