Didn’t realize it has been 21 days since my last entry.

Oh boy, it was probably the most “interesting” 21 days I’ve ever had!

First it was Mariessa having fever, and ulcer in her mouth.

Then it was Mariessa having chicken pox… or in Mariessa’s words.. chicken POKE!

When we visited the Doctor to confirm that it really was chicken pox.. the Doctor warned us: “Chicken pox ni kalau berjangkit pun bukan sekarang tau… 2 minggu lagi baru berjangkit”

Exactly 14 days later… lo and behold! More chicken “pokes”!!!

This time around.. Adreena & Afiq pulak. 2 serentak… and twice as bad!


20062010 Adreena, on the 1st day of being poked.


3 days later.. :(

Don’t have any pictures of Afiq though, he is VERY sensitive about it. Understandably, he is actually upset about not being able to go to Little Caliphs. Having waited sixteen(!) days (“sikteen days Mama! Lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) for Little Caliphs to re-open only to be ‘poked’ on the very 16th day, hadui.. it would make ANY boy upset.

Let’s just hope the only person left in the house who hasn’t caught chicken pox won’t be poked anytime soon.. Although that would be an excellent excuse to stay away from the office, no? :D

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