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[caption id="attachment_185" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Adreena Hariessa Shahril"][/caption]

Officially a mother of THREE! :D
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  1. ida.z Says:

    Congrats Ainil! Hari tu lupa nak ambik yr phone number. Pantang kat mana?

  2. Ana Johan Says:

    Hi beb! Congrats on ur new baby..heh...anyway i think the nearest cold storage would b in Alamanda..;)

  3. tina Says:

    waaa..!!so cute..!! congrate....

  4. Aisha Says:

    Congrats kak ainil! So happy for you. :-)

  5. zezz Says:


    she's SO cute :) :)

    selamat berpantang...

  6. naziah Says:


  7. Razali Aripin Says:

    Tahniah2! heheheh finally after the long waiting...

  8. ADA Says:

    Hi Ainil!!! congratsss!!!! Mcm Mariessa!!! huhuhu...

  9. momster Says:

    sgt comel, and yes, macam mariessa!! :)

  10. Enida Says:

    Lil Sis! I simply can NOT get over how sedap the name is... Adreena Hariessa! Afreena Mariessa and Adreena Hariessa. Oh beloved! Am so proud of you.

  11. hani Says:

    congrats ainil!!!

  12. ideserveabreak Says:

    beautiful baby girl! :D congratulations!!

  13. afi Says:

    alhamdulillah congrats k ainil!

  14. Serene Says:

    Tq Ida. Berpantang kat Kajang je. Will give you my number nanti ye?

  15. Serene Says:

    Ana.. TQ! Bila nak dtg rumah?

  16. Serene Says:

    Tq Dear. How are you doing? Enjoying snow?

  17. Serene Says:

    Tq Tina... Anak Tina pun K. Ainil x tengok lagi.. :) Meh la datang Kajang

  18. Serene Says:

    Tq Zali. Finally kan? Kat ofis orang asyik tanya je.. bila laaaa nak bersalin. Finally! :D

  19. Serene Says:

    Tq Zizie.. :D Your son is one handsome prince!

  20. Serene Says:

    tq momster. :D Look forward to your coming to Kajang! :)

  21. Serene Says:

    Hi Ada!! Masa mula2 lahir.. ramai yg kata memang macam Mariessa.. Now ramai kata byk mcm Afiq pulak. :D How are you? Still babysitting?

  22. Serene Says:

    Hey Sis! :D I am thrilled you love the name! Remember how it all began? Biskut Marie? heheheh

  23. Serene Says:

    TQ Rina. Aidan is so chubby and adorable! I'm sorry I didnt make it to Aidan's aqiqah when you guys were here.

  24. Serene Says:

    Afi dear, thank you very much! When are you coming back? Please send my regards to your sister ye?

  25. Serene Says:

    Alhamdulillah... How are u doing Ziah?