Had a chaotic, miserable, emotional, physically draining week last week. Ughhh.. Thank God the weekend was good. :) Spent 3 days at my hometown, doing basically nothing. :D

Started the week with a ‘bang’ too. As written in an email to my boss, due to ‘masalah2 perempuan’, I excused myself from work at noon and came home early.

Arrived at the gate only 20 minutes after I left office (as opposed to at least 40 minutes during peak hour daily) and was greeted by this sight:

slippersEntah apaaaaa lah yang budak2 ni main ni. :D Habis segala kasut and selipar dikeluarkan from the shoe rack. Dah susun2 macam ni… tapi tak main pun. Semua kat dalam rumah tgh minum susu. :P

Today I am happily typing this from the comfort of my home. Mata kanan dari semalam rasa pedih2. When I came home semalam, immediately took my contact lenses off and tried to sleep, hoping that the pain will go away. When it didn’t, went to the clinic and was told that “ada luka dalam mata” . It’s probably from an infection… or could be from the contact lens (too dry.. hence it kinda scratches the eye, I guess).

pirate2 Mariessa is happy to have me home. Tak berenggang walau sesaat! I am equally happy not having to go to work of course. Patches and all. ;)

adreena1Adreena @ 11 months 17 days. Big girl sudah. Likes to menyorok bawah dining table (pastu terhantuk sebab she’s almost as tall as the table). Ni muka setelah direscue from under the table lah ni. Taking a break before orang2 semua leka and she can go under the table again. :D

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  1. Aber Says:

    hehehe...dh mcm lanun daaaaaaa...

  2. Ainil Says:


    Lanun lemah lembut punya version ok? :D