Excited that Aunty Mas had bought him one of his favourite snacks, right after Aunty Mas went back he sat at the dining table with a plate and quietly took it out of the bag, took the dip out and began eating.

After 5 minutes, he was still eating, complete with "hmmm.. Sedapnya..hmmm"

Mariessa, obviously intrigued by the oooh and aaahh, went to the table and took a bite.

Mariessa: Abang, kenapa benda ni keras aaa?
Afiq: Sebaaaaaab..... Kejap, kejap. Maaaaa! Apa nama ni, yang Aunty Mas beli untuk Abang ni?
Mama: Pretzel.
Afiq: Haaa. Pretzel. Sebaaaaab Pretzel ni orang tu buatttt guna daging!! Tu la sebab dia keras!
Mariessa: Ohhhhh.. (Admiring the brother who knows so much)

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3 Responses
  1. Aunty Mas Says:

    Muahahaha! That shows how yg tak tahu + sama-sama tak tau = Works! Muahahaha!

    I likeeee!

  2. Enida Says:

    Daging? Muahahahahahah! I can't imagine where he got that idea from. I don't remember eating any daging keras or liat at your place. Ever!

  3. Serene Says:

    Tu la... I pun tak tau mana dia dapat idea tu. Logic la jugak tapi. :D