Am having a bit of a writer’s block syndrome.. so I’m putting some pictures taken during Kitreena’s & Edrick’s birthday party @ Kids Zone Hartamas until my mind is capable of constructing proper sentences. :)


The fireworks! :) Eh, tiba2 ada ‘budak’ tinggiiiii lah kat belakang tu! :P


Macam2 style ada…

FamilyatKitPartyUs with the birthday girl. Birthday boy was too busy playing. :D


The Birthday boy


Mentang2 la dah pandai jalan kan….. Berjalan sakan lah dia!


One of my many fav pics of Adreena taken that day.


Another one. “Apa pandang pandang??”


When we were small, my sisters used to tell me that I was an anak angkat because of my different look and I used to believe them! :P:P Do we really look THAT different? Hmmmm…

All pics credit goes to CloudTrekker, the party organizer for the birthday party. Everything was soooo colourful and very well thought of! Thumbs up ladies! If any of you are looking for party planners, I’ll be pleased to share their contact numbers. (Hopefully this way they’ll give me a mega discount.. say… in April? ;) )

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7 Responses
  1. Momster Says:

    Happy birthday to Kit and Edrick!! And I think you and your sisters look so much alike, not to mention the same voices! ;)

    Adreena looks so big now... the fun thing abt kids walking is you can dress them up more! Hahaha.

  2. Aunty Mas Says:

    Whoaaa...liputan yg bagus Sistah! Yes it was so colourful it made all the pictures look awesome! WE had fun too didn't we? Lalalalala...

    Thank you for the good words on CT too. Yay! Kena start brainstorming on the April project la nih hehehe.

  3. Enida Says:

    I can't wait to see the Birthday Album - baru boleh blog about it. I was having too much fun, sampai tak pegang camera langsung on the day! Huarrgh!

  4. la Signora Says:

    You three sisters memang sama acuan daa(hidung, pipi dan senyuman -- sebijik!).I think it's what kakaks do, I told the same thing to my sister, poor thing siap packing bag nak lari dari rumah.HAHAHAHHA.I kene rotan kawkaw punya for doing that.

    Looking at your girls (Mariessa & Adreena), they're exactly mini-Serenes.Anyway, love the pictures (gorgeous shots!).

  5. Serene Says:

    Hahahaha.. You evil sistah you!

  6. K-lynn Says:

    eh samalah.. mana ada lain
    especially the one next to you mmg sebijik your face..
    which i thought she was you.

  7. Serene Says:

    Hi there k-lynn! Thanks for dropping by.. baruuuu je lepas baca your blog, actually.. :D

    Sama eh? heheheh.. Not anak angkat after all... Hahahaha