It’s my last day of being a 20-something. :) Come tomorrow..(yes, JANUARY 4th, everybody!!) actually, if we count right down to the minute, it’s only another 12 hours away from the time I’m writing this down, I’ll be 30!!

Kalau dulu-dulu, bila org sebut umur 30 tahun, rasa macam, ‘makkkk aiii, tuanya!”. Now that I’ve reached there, I don’t know how to feel. I mean, how do you feel ‘thirty’ anyway?

Am looking forward to spend some quality time tomorrow with my husband. We’re taking the day off from work and go jalan jalan. Yey!

While I’m at it, Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2008 will bring lots and lots of happiness of every kind!

6 Responses
  1. AppleCrux Says:

    By the time I wrote this, its already January the 4th. So Ainil, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear!..Age is just the number enjoy your day and many happy returns!

  2. Happy Birthday to u!!!!!! Happy 30 :) .

  3. hani Says:

    happy 30th birthday..ala baru 30, belum 31 lagi..hehe (in denial sebenarnya...)

  4. Ash Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kak Ainil!! :-)

  5. Serene Says:

    Ida, Ija, Dura, Aisha, Zizie...

    Tq very very much! Had a very good birthday this year, just gallivanting around KL berdua-duaan. Hehe

    I actually feel younger! (still in denial, yes.. ;) )