1. I can foresee lots of randomness postings coming.

2. Why is it I only feel like writing when I'm swamped with work, I have no idea.

3. For the first time in my life, I got lucky while shoe shopping. Bought from the first shop I went to, and the 1st design I tried on. Tukar size sekali je. Whole process took 15 minutes! Foresee Dr. Cardin becoming my best friend from now on.

4. On my way out from surau, i bumped into a lady who was in the same training class with me last week. She is this typical lady yang suara lembut2 gitu. She apparently found out that I am pregnant. In her haste (I'm assuming) of making small talk, she said Hi..and then said.. "eh you tak nampak pregnant pun... gemuk je!" I pun terkulat2 lah nak jawab kan. I mean, have u ever had someone who goes right up to you and said, eh you gemuklah? How do i respond to that? Pastu while I'm still terkulat2 fikir how to respond, she gave another remark.. "tapi u dah nak due dah kan?"

I foresee her NEVER becoming my best friend. Ever.

5. Looking forward to go to Seremban 3, to meet with a dear friend and learn about cloth diapers from her.

6. It's 9 minutes to freedom. I love Fridays!

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