Didn't feel like it has been 5 months since i last updated. I've not been busy.. just plain lazy. Maybe i'm not meant to have a blog after all. Hehe.

Annnnyyywaaayyy... Nothing much has changed really. Except Afiq is growing up much faster than i really want him to. He has lots of tricks up his sleeves now. We're having a blast raising him up, really. Ada la 'tension' nya jugak sometimes, of course. Like everytime after mandi... he will scream and scream until i think the whole block can hear him. There's no solution to this really, i tried letting him play in the bathroom for 30 minutes, thinking it would be long enuff, but still, he'll scream once we take him out. Kalau mandi 5 minutes aje, lagi lah jerit! *sigh*. He's just so obsessed with water!

But nothing beats the sayu i feel every single time he calls out "Maaaaaa".. And sometimes when i'm cooking in the kitchen.. he'll just stand at the gate at the door (we had to put it to block him from entering the kitchen and playing with the lesung batu! he loves that), and call out"maaa" repeatedly.. just to hear me answer him. I feel so special. I do!

He turned 16 month-old 5 days ago. How time flies.

And... in another 7 months, InsyaAllah.. Afiq will have an adik.

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant now. Alhamdulillah. If my calculations are right, Afiq's adik will
arrive in March. If i'm lucky, i might just give birth on Hubby's birthday! Hehe.

This pregnant is different, or so I feel. The nausea is worse than I remember. And my face? ya Allah.. menggerutu habis! I dont remember having any skin problem while carrying Afiq. And dulu,loya, loya jugak.. Makan macam biasa aje. This time.. loya jugak... and tak lalu nak makan. So far I've lost about 2kgs. (Best la jugak sebenarnya Muahaha.. selalu payah gila nak lose weight). Hehe

We're preparing ourselves (mentally mostly so far) and Afiq for the new baby's arrival. I'm sure hoping that it's going to be a girl this time. But I wont mind a 2nd Afiq either! So, I'm praying for a baby as healthy, and as sempurna, and as charming as my first born. Aminnn..

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  1. Unknown Says:

    hi serene.. thanks for dropping by!
    congrats on your pending arrival. hope to hear many more like entries from you!