OooooooooK. So, where do I (re) start? My entries seem to have a pattern now. That is, everytime I start it will be something like… “it has been x months since I last updated” or something to that effect. And this time, the gap is only about 2 weeks shy from being a year since the last entry. Fuiyo. It’s a wonder why I bother to have a blog in the first place.

A LOT (of course) had happened since last november. I’d like to keep the happy memories, and do away with the sad (few) ones. The biggest happiness of course is the birth of our little princess, Afreena Mariessa. Interestingly, the remarks I get from my friends upon hearing Mariessa’s name will be..”Chehhhh nak jugak letak ‘reena’ tu kat nama baby” Hehe. Eh mestilah! At first I wanted to put “sufreena” terus. But then, I thot that is a little too unoriginal. Muahaha.. So, divert a little lah kan.

I’ll have a proper entry on Mariessa later. It’s only right. :)

About a month before Mariessa was born, we moved house, to Kajang. And it’s really a longggggggggggggggggggg story, that one. Things were really smooth at first. But RHB gave us a hard time later on. It’s lucky that I’ve never met the RHB agent who dealt with us. Lucky for him lah. I would have given him a good smack on his head if I had met him. He deserved it. Memang rasa merajuk sgt dgn RHB. The service was sooo slow. Oh well.. let’s not go there again, ok? Nanti luka berdarah kembali. Echeh. The most important thing is, we got the keys to the house (albeit a little late, and after MUCH persuasion. Well, ‘persuasion’ is too polite to describe it actually.. but anyway..).

So we moved to Kajang on March 3rd. Dengan my sarat condition. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly. Had the kitchen cabinet installed about 10 days after that… and some other stuff done to the house. It was not all sweet of course. Like how our pakistan-contractor chose really ugly tiles for our porch.. That’s a long story also lah. I don’t want to go there, really. But overall, we’re pretty satisfied with the house.

A week before Mariessa was born pulak, we took home our maid. That’s also a longgg story how we got her, but that’s not really important lah (now). Hehe. What’s important is that, she’s OK. She’s not perfect of course. In fact, if I were to compare her to Ngah’s Bibik.. oiiii… jauhhhh bezanya. Tu sebab tak nak compare. Plus, IF, IF lah I were to compare pun, I should also compare her gaji with Bibik’s gaji kan? So, I’m thankful for what I have. Yang penting, she’s handling the kids OK-ly. Yang lain2 tu… boleh la pejam mata sebelah. Makes me happier that way rather than dwell on her weaknesses. Ye tak?

Moving on. On 2nd April, right on the date predicted, Mariessa was born. Details, later lah. Kan nanti ada special entry nanti about her? ;)

Went back to 443 several days after that.. only to go to jelebu pulak a few days after that. Again… Longggggggggggggggggg story. This one, I don’t want to recall. Let bygones be bygones. Yg penting, everything & everyone is OK now. Think happy thoughts.. always! OK?

Then.. 60 days of maternity leave came and went. Sekojap yo! Went back to work, reluctantly of course. Alhamdulillah, this time around I am able to breastfeed my baby. Didn’t succeed with Afiq, so in a way, I was much much more prepared (mentally) this time. And until today, I am proud to say that Mariessa is still exclusively breastfed. Alhamdulillah. It’s an overwhelming experience, although in the beginning I felt like I was nothing but a feeding machine of some sort. Rimas ooooo. But that phase is long gone. Now she does not need to be fed 2-hourly. In fact since she’s started solid food, I’ve began to feel a lot like a ‘normal’ person again. Yay!

OK.. apa lagi? Tadi rasa byk sgt. Hmm.. Afiq? Oh… Afiq turned 2 exaclty 14 days after Mariessa was born. Kesian dia… tak dapat buat a proper birthday party for him. We did 2 small ones anyway.. so it should be ok, right? I promise (myself) that we’re going to have a VERY proper party for Afiq AND mariessa come April next year. It would probably be birthday party cum house warming cum whatever else. Hehe. InsyaAllah. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki. :D

At first Afiq didn’t care much about Mariessa. And then he became jealous… and now.. he still gets jealous sometimes.. but loving most of the time. I can rely on him to look after Mariessa while I run to the bathroom.. or whatever short breaks. And he reports everthing that Mariessa does too. “Mama… adik tarik rambut afiq!”…. “ Mama… sakit! Adik buat”… “ Mama.. tengok adik ni”…. Macam2..

These past few days… he’s been wanting to go to ‘kolah’ (sekolah = school). I have NO idea if he knows what sekolah really is. I do plan to send him to a playschool maybe next year. Haven’t had time to go around asking, though. Hmmm.. must find time. Must!

And Afiq is obsessed about Ultraman Tiga. (There are a LOT of ultraman version right? Ultraman Taro.. Ultraman Ace.. Ultraman Lexus).. Channel Ceria is showing Ultraman Tiga now. (I don’t subscribe to Disney Channels, so Ceria is Afiq’s only cartoon channel). Pose raya pun macam Ultraman. If he’s still interested in Ultraman.. I’ll make sure his bday cake next year will be an Ultraman Cake. Oh and he’s been practising singing Happy Birthday song, complete dgn tiup lilin everyday now.

Hubby? Oh… he has some interesting stories on his own too. We were hit by a BIG wave right after Mariessa was born. Again, this is not something I would like to recall too. But it was a BIG mess. Lucky for us.. Hubby is not the type to ‘melatah’ tak tentu pasal. He kept his cool. And although the situation was really bad at that time, neither of us really felt THAT bad. I personally felt that it was a test in so many ways to us. And alhamdulillah he came out of it a better person. We all did. As a person.. and as partners. Doa2 orang teraniaya kan dimakbulkan? If anything, this episode taught us how careful we should be, that your best friend could easily be your worst enemy. And in business, you probably have no ‘real’ friends, anyway. I am only thankful that it didn’t take too long for the truth to come out in the open. Alhamdulillah. I’m glad to get rid of people like that particular guy.

So now, Hubby’s back with our old Company. And things are looking real good, alhamdulillah. Seeing that ‘green’ building in Shah Alam surely brought a lot of memories. Hehe. After all, that was where everything started between me and him. I think it was meant to be.

OK. This is getting too long. Since I’m in the mood (at least today lah), I’ll probably post some entries today.. <-- this of course could just be ayat hangat2 tahi ayam. But we’ll see. And I’m planning to finally ‘reveal’ this blog to my sisters, (who had started blogging themselves) and some other friends. Sorry for not letting u guys know much earlier. I’m much too shy! I’m sure you guys know that. Muahaha.

I hope my next entry will not be in November 2008. Hihi. Let’s see.

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  1. The Momster Says:

    ok, i only found out after a year!! but hey, keep on writing!!