Received this last night, from a best friend allllllll the way in Austria.
A basket full of goodies.

Accompanied by this:

Guess what's inside!

It's aaaaaaa....mooncake!

Not one, but two of them!

I LOVE the boxes!

Pretty mooncake.

Inside the basket, were these

One contains dates and another one is serunding.

I really, really like this book of do'as. Interesting doas inside it, too. The size is just perfect. I'll start carrying this wherever I go.

At first i thought these were chocolates. Lepas bukak baru perasan that they're actually dates with some nuts in it. Those that are covered with sesame seeds, i have no idea what those are. They tasted like dates too actually, but mixed with some other things.

And of course the card that came with all the goodies. :)

And the basket? Oh, it's soooooooo cantik!

Guess who were the busiest going thru the goodies??

Nasib baikkkkk ada 2 mooncakes! Kalau 1 je... confirm berebut! We haven't open it yet. They sent the package after berbuka time last night, so we were still full. How long does a mooncake last eh, does anyone know?

To Fadhli, thank you very much! That was very thoughtful of you, as always. :) We'll see you in December ok?

6 Responses

  1. maya amir Says:

    hey...bestnye dpt surprise:)

  2. Serene Says:

    nins... maya...

    tu la kan? Lucky lucky me! ;).

  3. Mamapinkie Says:

    wow! bestnya fadly send those to you! He's a real great fren ya ainil...anyway, before I forget, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you, Shahril and adorable Afiq and Mariessa! Insya-Allah we see each other raya nanti ya!

  4. la Signora Says:

    u think he'll send me a goody basket if i send him a sock monkey? :P

    hey, is mamapinkie = kak rinaz?!

  5. Serene Says:

    Lisa, eh who knows? He might just do that! But before you make him a sock monkey, make mine dulu aaaa.. Hehehe.

    Yup yup.. that's kak reenaz :)