My biggest disappointing discovery since I moved to the new office is that blogspot is blocked! I didn't bother checking other sites. So it was a pleasant surprise when (after almost a month now - shows how dilligent I've been at work lately, ehem) I accidentally found out that WordPress is NOT blocked! Hence, the birth of this new blog of mine.. you know, just in case I have the urge to write and No I cannot NOT write about what I want to write about and NO I cannot wait until I get home to write about what I want to write about. That DOES happen sometimes. Maybe once in 4 months. But no harm preparing for such times, isn't it?

Let's hope the skies are always blue, and I get to find time to write as much as I really want to. (hey, it rhymes!)

p/s: Guys, change-lah to wordpress, so I can read your blogs! Eheheheh.
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