There are times when the passing of someone we hardly know can make us so, so sad.

Came to the office and read about the sudden demise of Kak Ruby Ahmad, a fellow TKCian. I am still in shock, and overwhelmed with sadness.

May Allah bless her beautiful soul.



I think about death, and dying everyday. More so after after October 7th 2009. A piece of me died that day. I am still picking up shattered pieces left after that day.

I hope remembering death makes me a better person. I try not to let my anger lingers for too long. When I go to bed at night, I hope that I’ve said I love you’s enough, hugged my dear ones long enough and more importantly that all my mistakes have been forgiven. I go to bed fearing I would never wake up. I hope I get to live long enough, whenever God decides enough, is enough.

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