What a week it has been, and it’s only Wednesday. I feel like my work quota for the week has run out and so I’m giving myself the freedom of not doing any work at work today. ;)

Had the worst bout of diarrhea on Saturday. Afiq and Mariessa had a good time though counting berapa kali dah Mama potty!

As I was stepping into the toilet -

Afiq: “Mamaaaa… ni Mama potty nineteen ke twenty?”

Mama: (dengan penuh lembiknya) Ni dah twenty one, tadi kan dah twenty!

Mariessa: Wow… ibatlah (hebat-lah) Mama… twenty wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

(Sure glad they can find educational element even in situations like this. :P )


We had ISO audit on Monday and Tuesday. Nothing much to talk about that, now that it’s over. We did good, Alhamdulillah.


Monday was also 18th Syawal… and last 18th Syawal was when Ummi went to a better place, InsyaAllah. Semoga roh Ummi sentiasa berada di kalangan orang2 beriman. Al-Fatihah.

-- Mariessa saw me weeping on Eid morning and asked me why. I said I was missing her Opah. She said, “Mama jangan la nangis…. Kakak kan ada”. That, of course made me cry even harder.


Speaking of Eid.. well, it was fun and hectic as Eid always had been. I’ll just let some pictures do the talking ye?

P1030036 P1030035

Pagi raya… Susahhhhh nak dapat gambar yang semuaaaaa senyum.. :D

P1030093Tengoklah tu… dah 4 org senyum.. ada pulakkk sorang melalak! :P


Mariessa showing off all her bling bling. ;) Mami jarum in the making??


Adreena tunggu Mama bersiap. ;)


Me and my girls. Oh… tudung Mariessa yang meghelip tu courtesy of her cousin. ;)


Adreena was busy mengutip duit raya… bukan duit raya pun dia kutip! :P


I don’t know whatttt I was smiling so broadly about! :D This was in Perak. See rambut Adreena yang basah kuyup?? Ohhh  it was super super hot then! Literally, we were all bermandi peluh!!

by bermandi peluh.. I mean like these:

adreenapeluh mariessapeluh


Shahril & Mariessa at my Opah’s house in Sg Siput. This was on 4th Syawal.


Afiq tengah berehat. Rajinnnnn anak Mama sorang ni menolong orang berkenduri. :)


Hitam legam sudah! :P


2 Responses
  1. momster Says:

    nice family photo! i have not claimed mine from my bro... hahaha... that too, wasn't so proper I assume and I only had to make 1 child smile, can you imagine? ;)

    hope your diarrhea's gone. on a +ve note, you did lose 2kgs rite? :D

  2. Serene Says:


    Dalam berpuluh2 gambar family we snapped kan, yang consistent senyum all the time were me and Shahril je. Hahahaha....

    Oh yes.. 2kgs lost, lupa pulak nak mention. Hahahahah.. Hopefully now that the diarrhea dah takde, that 2kgs will stay away lah. ;)

    Can't wait to see your Eid family photo pulak! ;)