Mariessa loves asking questions. I love that about her. Afiq asks a lot too, but Afiq is much, much more easily satisfied than Mariessa. With Afiq, I can explain something, he’ll accept the answer and try to digest it on his own (probably that’s what a 6-yr old does?). Most of the time he’ll come back to me after a few minutes if he’s still in doubt. With Mariessa it’s different. She asks and she expects a satisfactory answer pronto! Until she gets it, she’ll just keep asking.


I am now having a difficulty trying to explain to her why sometimes Mama cannot perform solat. We usually perform solat Maghrib berjemaah, so it’s of course very obvious during the time of the month when I can’t. So far I’ve tried these:



Mariessa: Mama, kenapa Mama tak solat sama2 ni?

Mama: Mama cuti sayang.

Mariessa: Cuti? Solat pun ada cuti? Kakak pun cuti lah!

Mama: Kakak takde cuti lagi, bila girl dah besar… baru ada cuti.

Mariessa: Tak nak lah.. kakak nak cuti sama Mama.







Mariessa: Mama.. kenapa Mama tak solat?

Mama: Hmmm.. Mama tak bersih, sayang. Mama tak boleh solat.

Mariessa: Ohhh… Mama go lah mandi! Nanti Mama bersih lah!






Mariessa: Mama, kenapa Mama tak solat?

Mama: Mama tak sihat, sayang. Mama tak boleh solat

Mariessa: Kalau Mama tak sihat, kenapa Mama tak pegi clinic? Nanti kan doctor bagi ubat, Mama sihat lah!

Mama: Hmmm.. Mama sakit lain. Girl dah besar je sakit macam Mama, tak boleh solat.

Mariessa: Tapiiiiiiiiiiii… kalau sakit, kita kena lah doa kat Allah! Nanti Allah bagilah kita tak sakit dah. Kalau nak doa, kena lah solat!


Haaa… So how?


Anyone can help me with this? She’s only 4, so it’s not yet time to tell her all the glory details ye tak? That will probably scare her! :). But at the same time I don’t want to mislead her too. Help, please? :)

4 Responses
  1. The Momster Says:

    I would probably just tell the truth. Easier said than done though, but I think she will digest it well :)

  2. Serene Says:


    I'm considering that too.. cumanya tak tau nak susun ayat mcm mana to tell her. Hahaha.

  3. maya amir Says:

    utk danial.. aku ade explain mase kecik2, tapi senang ckp sbb die boy..maka, ckp sakit pompuan..die ok, tapi few times tak abis gak soklan die, kenapa laki tadek skait gitu..heheh.. tapi bile die dah masuk sekolah, kat sek agama bljr pasal period senang keje aku:).. skang airell's turn..takleh praktikkan ape yg aku buat kat danial dulu dah sbb he's exactly like marriessa:))

  4. Serene Says:


    Exactly! Afiq pun gitu.. aku cakap girl je macam ni.. Boy tak. Dia tak banyak tanya dah lepas tu..

    Tapi Mariessa.... aiyayaiiii.. Mentang2 la dia girl jugak kan, semua nak tau skrg jugak! Kenapa girl besar je? Kakak bila nak dapat cuti? Kenapa Allah bagi cuti kat girl? Mama cuti berapa hari? Cuti sebab sekolah Kakak cuti ke? kahkahkah.. cuti sama cuti sekolah tu yg aku tak tahan tu!

    Agak2 kalau Mariessa jumpa Airell, mungkinkah tak habis2 soalan diorg?