Last night while going through Mariessa’s writing book,


Afiq: Mama… Tulisan Kakak ni macam cakar harimau kan?

Mama: Cakar harimau? Hahahahahahhaha…… Bukan harimau lah sayang….

Afiq: Eh silap! Cakar ayam kan, Mama?


That was really funny, if only he knows what cakar harimau means. :D


Afiq’s bahasa has always impressed me, albeit a little ‘text book’. I didn’t know he has started using peribahasa though… so his attempt at cakar ayam was an impressive one nonetheless. Of course, this should not be too surprising coming from a boy who says sentences like:


1. Biar Abang beri penjelasan pada Mama…

2. Boleh tak Mama terangkan kat Abang…

3. Terlalu sedap lah, Mama….  (referring to cakes or muffins made by Mama, ehem!)

Zebra Cake Selingan: a cake I made yesterday. I wanted a plain butter cake, Afiq insisted on a chocolate cake. So I told him, let’s compromise! ;).

He loves it! Ate 2 slices right after I took it out from the oven. (He wanted more, I said No. :D)


4. Sempurna! (after we sent his bicycle for repair)



Adreena is talking a lot more too. Kadang2 rasa terkejut, from just some random baby’s babbles, now she has moved to almost full sentences.


Contoh terbaru this morning, I went to the toilet just before leaving for work. Dia pun sibuk laaaa ketuk2 pintu & panggil “Mama! Mama! Mama wat pe tuuuuuuuuuuuu”. Terbantut hajat Mama tau! The moment I stepped out of the toilet je… terus dia tanya..

Adreena: Mama uti? Ape Mama uti? (Mama potty? Kenapa Mama potty?).

Mama: Mama sakit perut la dik…

Adreena: Mama uti.. akit yuyut?


Heheheh.. Still la abundance of ‘y’ nya.. 

boya = bola

koyah = sekolah

tutah = susah (when asked to do something too difficult for her, or she’s just too lazy to do it.. :P )

abiuuuu = i love you


A few days ago, while she was sitting on my lap

Mama: Macam mana Deena sayang baby?

* she immediately bent down and kissed my tummy*

Deena (buncitkan perut ke depan, point to her tummy): Mama… tayang baby!



I’ve been wanting to write about Little Caliphs’ concert last week, but there are just too many pictures to choose from. :) Will get to it soon, InsyaAllah. In the meantime.. let me just put a video of Mariessa’s performance on that day. One that took us by surprise, sebab we didn’t know she was going to co-lead the performance. The quality isn’t so good, though so please bear with it. Enjoy the show!



For days she was telling me she was going to do a ‘bey-han’ show.. but I could not figure out what ‘bey-han’ was. Bila tengok the agenda of the concert baru lah tahu… “Bey-han” = Bear Hunt. Hehe

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