I have been idle from the blog, I know. Almost a month now, I myself can’t almost believe it. A lot of things had happened since then. Some are good stuff which stayed good, some are good but didn’t turn out so good in the end, some didn’t start so good but ended well and some unfortunately stayed not so good. All of which leads to one thing: me analysing myself.. and my priorities. Muhasabah diri nak senang cerita.


Betullah, kesenangan dan kesusahan itu makanya 2 jenis ujian Allah yang sama tapi berbeza. Often times, I find kesenangan to be a much harder test to pass. Senang sangat hanyutnya. And probably that’s where I have been, unfortunately without me realizing it. Hanyut. Fortunately though, harap2nya hanyutnya saya tak berpanjangan.


So here I am, at the end of my 2-day sick leave. It was a good 2 days of rest, although I didn’t entirely restrict myself to bed rest. It’s quite funny how the pain came back just as the 2 days were coming to and end, eventhough all the while I was feeling much better. I guess it’s a reflection of the state of mind. Mind over matter kinda thing.


Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.


More aptly, hopefully tomorrow will see me as a better person.