We left 443 for Pasir Mas at around 7.30 on Saturday.  Boleh tahan jugak jalan nya.  Masuk kampung keluar kampung.  Masuk ladang keluar ladang.  But it was nice for a change. One thing I noticed was, pergi mana2 pun mesti jumpa MRSM. The one in Kuala Lipis is practically in the middle of nowhere!

We stopped for a toilet break at RnR Gua Musang and continued to Pasir Mas.

Arrived at the wedding venue at about 2.30 p.m. Ingatkan we would be among the latecomers,  tapi rupanya masa tu orang tengah ramai. It was scorching hot. The food at the kenduri is soooo sedap! And the shaved ice is probably one of the best I've tasted, Alhamdulillah. 

We left Pasir Mas after that for KB pulak.

Dah lama tak letak gambar.. ;)

The boys,  right before we left 443 for KB.

We decided to take the kids for a road trip to East Coast for the Merdeka long weekend. It's been a while since we took them anywhere (the usual excuse : Adli kecik lagi, it would be too much to handle semua2 etc, hehe). So since Adli pun dah setahun, we thought it's high time.

We left home after Isyak on Friday and spent the night at 443 so that we could leave really early the next day for KB.