I usually call Afiq 2-3 times daily. Just to check him out. Yesterday afternoon, we "chatted" for quite some time. Well, you know the usual questions like 'Afiq dah makan?' or 'Afiq buat apa today'. The length of the conversation usually very much depends on his moods (NOOOOO idea where he gets his mood swing, seriously! ;) ). After about 4-5 minutes of talking, I guess he got tired.

Afiq: Mama, Afiq nak tingok Ultraman Tiga ni!!! Afiq tutup dulu k? I larrrr you!!!
(tutup – put the phone down)
(I larrrrr you – I love you)

Sabar je lah!

Today, angkat phone je,

Afiq: Mama!! Mama pigi mana?
Mama: Mama pergi kerja, sayang.
Afiq: Afiq nak pigiiiiiiiii hmmmmm….. A-kis mana?
Mama: Uncle reez kat Shah Alam.
Afiq: aaaaaaaa…. Afiq nak pigi tah alam! Nanti mama balik k? Nanti ayah balik k?


A-kis (actually it’s uncle reez) is my brother who’s studying in Shah Alam.
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