It’s funny how I stumbled upon writer’s block just after.. errr 2 entries? 3? Oh well.. I’m definitely not meant to be a writer. Sometimes I just wish I can pick whatever it is that I want to blog about in my head, and put it on the blog, just like that.

Last night I noticed that Mariessa’s first tooth is finally showing, justttt a little. How comel! I remember Afiq didn’t have any, until he was about 14-16 months! And last night, while meniarap, she finally moved! And just like Afiq.. whatever movement it is, mesti reverse dulu. When he crawled, it was backward first! When he was learning to walk, it was like 2 steps backward and 1 step forward. J So it was not a surprise when Mariessa moved backward last night. An achievement nonetheless! Yey!

At work, things are suddenly pouring in. I’ve been running like a headless chicken between the sites doing stuff related to my system and also helping out other teams. It’s actually fun, but it’s better if we don’t have to travel so much. Going to and fro the same 3 destinations almost everyday is definitely not fun!

Last month the president of the holding company made an announcement that there will be a merger of 5 companies. One of them is the company I’m currently working for. It’s targetted to take place next March. So right now, things seem a little haywire especially at the HQ. I personally don’t feel anything (yet). But the way I see it, some people (mostly those at the management side) are worried for different reasons. There are a lot of higher ranking vacancies to be filled, and I’m guessing a lot of people are hoping for promotions. Us on the operational side, are not much affected. At least that’s how I see it, for now. Yang lecehnya, now they want everyone’s latest photos lah, latest job description lah. Macam2.

Thank God today is Friday. Can’t wait to spend the weekend with the kids and hubby of course who just came back from another trip to Pasir Gudang. Yey! Have a good weekend everybody!

4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Amboiiishe! I honestly didn't know you blog. I mean, 'terdetik' but my head was saying, 'tak kaaaaaaann lah you won't tell!" Hah engkau! Hehe.

    Yey!! Lalalalalala....

  2. The Momster Says:

    i cant pull my eyes away from mariessa's photo on the sidebar la... hahaha...

    i definitely want a girl next! ;)

  3. Serene Says:

    Kak.. jangan marah aaa... shy shy cat one!

    Nina.. hope your wish will be granted. Go Nina Go!! Hihih.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, you should write Afiq's Cockroach Story you told us over dinner at Equatorial Bangi last night! Sure sent us in stitches!

    Loved the Masalodei. Naalereke'! Yay La Vista!