Everyday before Shahril and I go out for work, we make it a routine to salam2 and kiss2 the kids. This is when I usually give Afiq my pesan2. And by now, Afiq has memorized it all. So now, instead of me telling him, he will say this while salam-ing me: “Afiq jaga adik, afiq jaga kakak, afiq jaga Waja” – My ‘original’ script actually ‘jaga adik, jaga kakak” je. The Waja part dia yg tambah sendiri. So yes, he looks after the car too while we’re away. Alternatively, he leaves out the Waja part if we’re taking both cars out.

And routinely, once we’re in the car, we’ll say our goodbye’s and I love you’s. Dulu2, Afiq said “ I laaaaaaaa you!!!” Now it sounds pretty much correct – I loVe you. Yes, with emphasize on the V, ever since he could pronounce it.

So this morning, it was just me leaving for work as Shahril is in JB. I reversed the car, and was about to say “I love you, Afiq” when he said this first:

“Bye maaaa… I loVe you, girl”

I don’t care where picked that from, but that lil boy sure did melt this girl’s heart.
2 Responses

  1. Huzmas Says:

    Hope he says it only to the right girls...if you know what i mean hehe.

    Love you too boy!