This is Afiq's bike. Shahril bought him this for his 2nd birthday. Afiq kinda chose this one himself at the shop. Its got manual and automatic transmission. Kalau manual, kena pijak the pedal, baru jalan. Kalau auto, dia jalannnnn je until you switch it to stop. The night after we bought this, Afiq masuk bawah meja and sangkut! Sebab masa tu dia guna auto transmission.. pastu terlambat belok.. so masuk bawah dining table. He freaked out (oh my macho boy!) and didn't want to touch it anymore dah after that. We kept it in the store, until only recently.

This morning, Tri (my maid) told me that Mariessa dah pandai naik motor sendiri. Battery tak charge pun, so it cannot move. I'd rather let it like that for now. So ni lah pose dia at 6 am on the bike. :)

Last weekend we took the kids to the park. Hajatnya dah lama.. tapi baru last weekend la sampai seru. And I'm glad we did that. They had sooo much fun. Will do this every weekend, insyaAllah.

Ada gaya, ha?
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  1. la Signora Says:

    I know what you mean!There's just something about 1)a padang 2)playground 3)green parks that brings out the giddyness in a child!!!!

    And it makes me giddy with happiness too;-p