Went to RHB last 2 weeks. Went in, and after about 5 minutes, got the documents I needed and about to walk out. 5 steps away from the door, saw a young, well-dressed man (well dressed in this context means, baju kerja + tie, proper lah) approaching the door from outside. I hesitated. Should I go first ke.. biar dia masuk dulu. He stopped walking as well. I thought it would be nice if he opens the door for me, but who am I kidding? In Malaysia? That? Maybe once in 100 occurrences kot. Tu pun kalau nasib baik. Anyway, since he stopped, I went ahead and open the door to let myself out. And guess what? That bloody fool, terus cepat2 masuk once I pushed the door open!!

Mangkuk hayun punya mamat!!!

Apaaaa lah nak jadi dengan lelaki2 kat Malaysia ni.


Semalam, pegi ‘Kedai Elektrik HSL’ kat Kajang. Ada soranggg je customer dalam kedai tu. And it’s quite a big shop. Saw 3 salesperson tengah bersembang2. Went around, couldn’t find what I was looking for. One salesgirl came and asked.

SG: Cari apa kak?
Me: Breadmaker ada tak?
SG: Ha? Breadmaker? Hmmmm (sambil buat muka blur)
Me: Ha-ah.. breadmaker, yang guna utk buat roti tu.
SG: (still buat muka blur) Takde la KOT kak. Akak beli yang tu la (pointing tu mixer) Yang tu boleh guna buat kek.

I was sooooo tempted to be sarcastic at that point. I honestly cannot tolerate salespeople yang tak tau apa yang diorg jual. I mean, this is an electrical shop pulak tu. Bukannya some huge hypermarkets with 1 million different things! I think I did tell her that I was not looking for a mixer because (OBVIOUSLY) mixer is not used to make BREADS! Adoiii laaaa

Apaaaa lah nak jadi dengan salesgirls kat HSL ni.

Special shoutout to Mrs Curmudgeon:

Sandra!!! Got my Breadmaker already!! Breadmaker, not mixer.. and of course, NOT from that HSL lah kan. Lalalalala… Nanti dah siap itu roti2.. I’ll show you the pictures k? Semalam baca manual pun sampai tertido tapinya. I hope it's not a bad sign. Hihihi...

2 Responses
  1. Ash Says:

    Akak! Saya setuju dgn dua cerita2 ini. This is essentially the "Malaysian" way of life. Moral of the story:

    a. Customer service in Malaysia sucks!!!
    b. Chivalry no longer exist. He he he he.
    Take care akak, rajin2 meng-update blog. :-P

  2. The Momster Says:

    the guy patut disula! :P

    and please train your salesperson before you actually let them work, dear shop owners!