So I'm being pressured by the Lovely Miss Curmudgeon to update on the hasil2 'perotian' (if there is such word) Tried the machine twice already.

Kira ok-lah kan, twice in a week. First i did this:

Followed the recipe given with the machine. Was really nervous to see the outcome, tak lena tido k? Put everything inside the machine at 10pm, set it to delay for a few hours so that it will be ready at 7 am. And voila! we woke up to the smell of freshly baked bread. Heaven!!

Afiq's first reaction..
" Wow! Pandainya mama buat roti! Good job mama!"


The next project was actually requested by Afiq. His favourite: Bedonat! That's doughnut to the rest of the world. The night we brought the machine home, i told him that it's my new toy, and i can make bread with it. Later that night, he said.. "Mama tak payahla buat roti, mana buat bedonat je!" Macam2 dia tau2 je that the machine can be used to uli the dough.

So, that's what i did. Bedonat. :) The outcome: Ohhh, so good. Arguably (of course) the best I've had! Muahaha.

Excuse the tepung komak look of them doughnuts. Ini kes tak sabar nak bedakkan although still panas itu donat. Next project? Hehhehe.. Nanti dah siap, baru boleh cerita! So Lisa.. how did i do? Pass aaa???

This is where magic happens...
3 Responses
  1. la Signora Says:

    eh, sronoknyer!tak lame lagi buleh jadi rotiboy kajang mariiii!breadmaker tu brand ape?harga?beli kat mane?

  2. Serene Says:

    Sa!! Muahaha.. I mmg plan pun nak buat that bun yang famous kat rotiboy tu. Mexican bun ke apa ntah nama dia kan? Soon, bila ada masa. :)

    My breadmaker is Kenwood BM250. Beli kat HSL (not the one yang poyo, but a different outlet in Kajang). We got it at RM499. (The price has been stagnant, i've watched the price since last yr). Tapi lepas beli kat HSL, saja la menggatal pegi tengok kat Jusco. There, it's RM529. Nasib baikkkkk!!!!

  3. la Signora Says:

    Hahahahahah.Nil, I pun cam you ok.Lepas beli one thing at one store, with such a good bargain, pastu saje jer masok another store to compare prices!Haha.Tapi kat sini the prices of certain items (esp.electronic) cepat berubah!So dependslah, kalau the price at another store was much cheaper, yes, I'd beat myself up for it.Hahahahahah.