I’m thinking… It’s only Thursday, and I feel like I’ve been working for at least 2 weeks non-stop! Ok, so the key word is FEEL. But yeah, work is ‘fantastic´ this week! And by fantastic, I mean:

Spending 2 days, that’s Monday and Wednesday climbing a certain tower. By climbing, I mean stairs. The tower has 28 floors. The lift is from the lower ground, right until the 27th floor. Unfortunately, being a contractor, my pass only allows me to go up from the first floor. That means:

I climb 24 steps up from the lobby to get to the first floor. Then:

Walked 16 steps to the door. Then,

Swipe my pass, walked another 30 steps to get to the lift. Then

In the lift, I pushed the 27 button and wait for about 30 seconds.

(The bigger lift is fine, the smaller lift is shaky, it scares me).

At the 27th floor, climb another 12 steps up..


another 12 steps up..


another 10 steps up..


AND another 8 steps up.. to get to the 28th floor!

There, I take my shoes off, pushed the intercom thingy. Wait till the ‘tower’ people let me in, walk 5 steps..

and CLIMB another 6 steps up..

take 2 steps…

and CLIMB another 14 steeper-than-the-rest steps up.

3 flat steps again…

and climb the FINAL three little steps up!

(Soalan quiz: Berapakah anak tangga yang perlu saya panjat utk sampai ke tingkat 28 menara itu?)

Now imagine having to do that… at least 12 times (multiply that by 2, for going down) in 6 hours!

I don’t know about you guys.. but for a person who is as unfit as me, that is truly a workout.

Now imagine 2 of those 24 times (up and down), carrying a CPU among other things! Thank God HP has the ‘Small Form Factor’ CPUs now.. but still.. it’s at least.. what… 4-5kg?

(Nak bawak badan sendiri pun dah semput!!)

Why can’t they just make the lift to go right up until the 28th floor is beyond me. (I’ve been to 3 control towers and they’re all like that).

The saddest part of all? After ALLLLLL the climbings, the thing I’m trying to fix STILL doesn’t work! What’s more sad than the saddest part is.. that only means I have to go there again next week!

My new business card (the company merged, changed its name, had restructuring and what nots) states my position as ‘Engineer – Critical Systems’. At the moment, I’m not sure which one is more critical – The system, or me.

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hehe...sounds like you are - but i think you knew it ;)

    You can duwwiiiittt!

    Maybe for each step next time, you think "one step, 100 grams - one step 100 grams". Who knows by the time you reach the ground, you'll be uplifted!

  2. hani Says:

    my maths stopped me at "I climb 24 steps from the lobby"

    baru baca 'workout' you i dah semput..keke..

  3. fara / ly-d Says:

    ha.. tu la pasal.. apasal kejam sangat kena naik lif setingkat then tangga .. then lift lagi setingkat..
    kot ye pun contractor... takkan le buli camtu skalik.. imagine kalo contractor kat menara berkembar tu di suruh naik tangga.. tak ke haru nak naik 2 flights of stairs x 59 floors kalo nak sampai floor aku?