Received this from someone I consider as my 3rd sister. ;) This was a complete surprise! Thank you very much Kak Pet!

Mula2 suspense ok... fikir sapa laaaaa hantar hadiah kat ofis ni. Echeh! The last time Shahril did a surprise like this was errrr 3 years ago! Hint! Hint! January 4th dah tak lama k, everyone? Hahahaha..

Kat dalam tu ada what I first thought was Almond London. Tapi bila makan, dalam tu kurma i think, covered with chocolate. Afiq tersangatlah suka nya. He has finished eating 2 of those, baru teringat nak tanya.. "Mama.. sapa bagi ni?" Tau pulak tu kalau wrap lawa2 gini, mesti org bagi. Hehe. And while eating his 4th one, I made a call to Kak Pet for afiq to say thank you. Afiq said, dgn gaya2 sekali.. "Hmmmm sedapnya!!! Nanti, kalau abis, Mama suruh Aunty Pet bagi lagi k?" Hihihi.

The best thing is, the very moment i received this at my office, Ummi called and said she just got one too! Delivered rightttt to her bed in HUKM. She was thrilled, and touched! Thanks again, Kak Pet! When i visited her later that day, she asked me to bring it home first. Nanti bila dah Raya, boleh bawak balik ke HUKM.. kot2 la ramai visitors kan, she can jamu whoever dtg nanti. :).

Very de cantik one!

Actually orang tu susun lagi lawa daripada ni. Heheh.. Tapi bila masuk dalam kereta, i keluarkan, takut tuggang terbalik. Pastu bila nak susun balik dah tak reti! Hehehe. Apa2 pun.. i sungguh la berkenan kat the bekas tu. Cantik aa!

To Kak Pet, thank you very, very much! Semoga murah rezeki sokmo! ;)

Received this last night, from a best friend allllllll the way in Austria.
A basket full of goodies.

Accompanied by this:

Guess what's inside!

It's aaaaaaa....mooncake!

Not one, but two of them!

I LOVE the boxes!

Pretty mooncake.

Inside the basket, were these

One contains dates and another one is serunding.

I really, really like this book of do'as. Interesting doas inside it, too. The size is just perfect. I'll start carrying this wherever I go.

At first i thought these were chocolates. Lepas bukak baru perasan that they're actually dates with some nuts in it. Those that are covered with sesame seeds, i have no idea what those are. They tasted like dates too actually, but mixed with some other things.

And of course the card that came with all the goodies. :)

And the basket? Oh, it's soooooooo cantik!

Guess who were the busiest going thru the goodies??

Nasib baikkkkk ada 2 mooncakes! Kalau 1 je... confirm berebut! We haven't open it yet. They sent the package after berbuka time last night, so we were still full. How long does a mooncake last eh, does anyone know?

To Fadhli, thank you very much! That was very thoughtful of you, as always. :) We'll see you in December ok?

Well.. this is what I did yesterday while waiting for iftar (buka puasa) - ambik gambar budak2 berdua ni...

Mariessa dengan toncet2 nya, at her favourite spot in the living hall. She sometimes will sit here, at the bottom of the stairs.. goyang2 kaki while singing. U-huh, i tell you, she can sing! Ask her to sing, and she will. Lagu apa, masih belum dikenalpasti.

Cuba kira berapa toncet semuanya? That's her lepak place also. The sofa. She has also tried getting into the toy chest. So far masih belum berjaya. Once she almost tertonggeng nak masuk dah dalam tu. Almost. Afiq the Ultraman (sometimes also Power Lenjes) came to the rescue.

Now she (depending very much of course, on her mood - oh, this girl has shown early signs of having mood swings. I wonder where she gets that from.), will smile when she knows I'm focusing the camera on her. Like this.

But of course she gets cheeky after a while. Like this

See? what did i say about her having mood swing?
(Kak, I think she looks like you masa you kecik, here kan?)

Orang berbuka dengan kurma.. dia pun makan kurma...

Afiq's current style of smiling for the camera. Usually it's accompanied by some Ultraman's gestures.

Do they look alike? I can't tell. Mostly people tell me that Afiq takes after Shahril, and Mariessa after me. Bak kata orang jolobu.. Afiq ni byk ngikut ayah eh, tinggi sok ni! Mariessa ikut bolah pahang. Macam muko mak eh, bulat!