After almost 3 months in HUKM, the doctors have finally came up with a confirmed result. One we did not see coming. One we hoped would never be THE answer.

It's the feared C. Multiple Myeloma to be exact. Still, we are thankful that it's still at stage 1.

I am still gathering my thoughts and putting myself together. The reality is sinking in very slowly.

4 Responses
  1. fara / ly-d Says:

    will not be able to imagine how u r feeling at this moment.

    as you said, at least the ailment has been identified. and all efforts can now be focused on treatment for the illness rather than having to administer treatment blindly.

    continue to be strong for your mom and your family.

    my prayers are with your family!

  2. Hi Ainil, its Nuwal...just found your blog from Lisa's blog (comment). Am so sorry to hear about your condition. Hope you are strong. My prayers are with you.

  3. Serene Says:

    Hi Ly-d, thanks for dropping by. Thank you for the prayers too. We definitely need it. InsyaAllah, we're trying our very best to stay strong for my mom, and for each other.

    Hi Nuwal, it's been so long kan? How are you, dear? Thanks for the prayers as well.

  4. Hi Ainil, hope your mom is ok...yeah its been so long since we last saw each other...God, IIU was ages ago kan....