Ummi was supposed to start her chemo last Monday, after a week break. However on Monday, the doctors who were checking on her found reasons to do further checks on her liver.

She was released to go home for a few days again, until we can get the appointment to do liver biopsy. She's been staying at Ngah's since last Friday until today.

Akak brought her to HUKM today, to be warded again. Liver biopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

Akak read the doctor's report and it stated there that the myeloma has progressed to Stage 2.

I seriously, in all honesty.. didn't think it was THIS aggressive.

I am devastated.

5 Responses
  1. la Signora Says:

    oh dear, that fast?I do hope Ummi gets well, you just never know.Kuasa Tuhan, Nil.

  2. Ainil, my prayers goes out to your Ummi....

  3. afidalina Says:

    salam k ainil. k peah is in hukm (ingat x, dia senior u batch freshie sis). anything i can help?!

  4. Serene Says:

    Salam Afi,

    Thanks a lot for dropping by.

    By the way, I've been wanting to blog about this, but never get to it. Nway, your sister IS actually the doctor in-charge of my mom! It's a small world kan? She has been very, very helpful. We are all very grateful. It's really comforting us to know that my mom is in good hands. And I've been proudly telling everyone that she is my senior in TKC! :)