Before I begin, let me just clarify that I am not expert in this matter. And I'm not THAT particular either (as you can obviously see from my writing). BUT, I can safely say that I know the basics. And I AM particular about whatever basic knowledge I know about the English language.

This morning, I called the company who is in-charge of the network at the airport. I was greeted by one of those voice operator thingy. Don't know what it's called. You know, the one who's telling you to press 1 for Bahasa or 2 for English kinda voice. Only thing is, this voice did not ask me to choose the language, it's only in English. No problemo.

Next I heard this:

We ARE apologize, all our officers are busy at this moment!

Aiyoyo!!! And this voice is repeated every 30 seconds, I'm not joking! I hang up after the 6th time, it was giving me a headache and I felt embarrassed just listening to it!!

6 Responses
  1. AppleCrux Says:

    Its call IVR..hehe, adoi buat malu kompeni aja..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I is feel very shock lah to knows about the companies who simply didn't knows where to gets help with there English. Its actually a very good bussines oportunities for people who knows the language to helps this companies also.

    Ahak ahak!

    I is love the grammar topics too much already.

    *I learned something new today! Thanks AppleCrux - for letting us know that it's called IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Chewah! Tanpa berlengah lagi, terus Google IVR kay!

  3. jane Says:

    so... are you enjoy? keh keh keh

  4. Correction Jane,

    "Are you enjoys?"


  5. jane Says:

    oops sori tuan.. plural right?

  6. haha.. the 'are you enjoys' is how it's most popularly known. Some variants are available such as 'are you enjoy' or a simplified 'enjoys'.

    Either way, it's English at its mangled best ;)