Last night, I transferred some songs from my phone to Shahril's notebook. (We were testing the new bluetooth adaptor for the notebook). Then I played the bagpipe song on the notebook. Afiq who was watching TV then, ran to me and said, "Ada pedang ke?", sambil tengok the notebook screen.

I can't recall (told you my memory is lousy) when was it that Afiq heard the song. So I asked him, "Afiq pernah ke dengar lagu ni?" He answered, "Pernahhhhh". I asked, "kat mana?"

He paused. After a long.. 'hmmmmmmmmm" while rolling his
eyes... He said, "Haaaaaa.... Penantin!!! (pengantin)". A few seconds later, "Uncle Mel kan penantin, ada pedang2?"

Then I remembered. During Amel's reception, we had that bagpipe music and the pedang2 guys. It was just that one time, and Afiq remembers the music! And that was last May!

Now I can't get the tune out of my head.

The bagpipe guys and the pedang guys.

The penantin. :)

The boy who remembers.

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  1. The Momster Says:

    kids with remarkable memory! i wished i still had that kinda memory... hehehe...

    dah kena start amalan2 to sharpen up memory kan? sekrg baru nak carik petua2 org tua... hahahahaa...