No... I'm not mourning the entire time I'm away from blogosphere. Truth be told, I've not been away pun sebenarnya. Just away from my own blog, maybe. :) No, it's not that I've been busy with work either. I've been having wayyy too much time in my hands actually, that I've been delaying writing. Typical me. Bila rasa time's running out, baruuuu nak buat semua benda.

I'm just going to put my thoughts in point form this time. Easier.

1. It's my 2nd last day in our KLIA office. (read: having lots and lots of free time during office hours). Come Monday I'll start working in our HQ in WM, going to a 'whole new world', doing a 'whole new thing'. A fresh start. I'm excited. And nervous. And scared. And excited. Yes, excited twice. Saja.

2. Ummi was admitted to HUKM again after spending a few helluva days at 443. She cooked, she ate, she jalan2. She even went for a marhaban thingy. Then she got realllly sick. Unlike other times, she did not get better after 2 days in HUKM. She got really bad, but when we least expected it, she got better. For 2 days. Today, she's back to being 'bad'. Her health is going through a roller coaster. So are our emotions.

3. Took Afiq to see the Upin Ipin Movie. It was good. Got a lil bit too scary for Afiq in the middle though. I had to tell him that Ultraman's gonna show up soon to fight the 'raksasa'. It worked!! :D.

4. I've been googling and youtube-ing Hugh Jackman and Simon Baker all 2 days.
(Yes, THAT much time) I have NO idea why Australian men look and sound good this week. Last week was Michael Vartan week. Before that it was Jude Law.

Going to HUKM in 10 minutes. Maybe another entry tomorrow.

"At the end of the day, all you've got is your story, so try to make it a good one" - Australia

4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    took hariz to watch upin&ipin too!tot it was good too!hehehe...but i think the screen was too big for him to digest the whole he asked for the CD immediately after we came out fm the cinema...

  2. The Momster Says:

    we're going to watch it too, tomorrow! eventhough imtiyaz and his cousins have no idea who the heck is upin & ipin :D

  3. The Momster Says:

    hope all is well with your mum too... always be with her ok?

  4. maya amir Says:

    i luv jude law..hohoh;)