My celcom bill last month was 103.30. Since I made my payment at the Celcom Kiosk (my first time, unlike online payment I usually do previously), I only paid RM100. Machine doesn't accept anything lower than RM10 notes kan, so logic lah. Fine and dandy.

My celcom bill for this month arrived yesterday. Amount RM101.95. No tunggakan. (I myself forgot about that 3.30 i owed Celcom). Tup tup, pagi ni dapat sms from Celcom, saying that if I don't pay that 101.95 by TODAY, my line will be barred. What the hell????

So I called Celcom, to ask them what's going on here. It turns out, they are going to bar me for that THREE ringgit and THIRTY cents tunggakan since last month! Like what???? (Tak kira lah berapa ringgit cik, asalkan melebihi 35 hari, kami akan bar!)

So I asked the Celcom guy, whyyyyy lah didn't you guys put the tunggakan in my current bill, so I would be reminded that I have a tunggakan??

The answer? : Ohhhh, sebab itu tunggakan dari bulan lepas Cik. Bill yang Cik terima tu, untuk bill bulan ni.

SO I naturally asked lah. So, you nak masukkan tunggakan tu bila? Tahun depan?

Tell me what kind of common sense Celcom people are using? They must be from outer space!

I then, told the guy not-so-nicely-anymore, that they should (by common sense used by people on this Earth) state whatever tunggakan of last month(s) in the current bill, so that the customer will be aware and NOT wasting the customer's time calling Celcom Helpline yang sgt lah tak helpful nya, just to find out that the customer owes them THREE *&^%$#@% RINGGIT ++!!!

He had the nerves to tell me (when I asked to speak to his supervisor, apparently he IS the supervisor), to just go to Celcom Branch to complain. I said, "Oh, and waste MORE of my time? No thank you!"

3 Responses
  1. Akak Says:

    They should name themselves Hell-com because that's where they should communicate their sins to.

    And ada hati plak tu nak bagi jawapan ala-ala genius tuh!

    p/s: Good job finding un-blocked blogs sistah!

  2. enidajohnson Says:

    You aaah! I jerrrrrrrrrsssttt kinda switched to Wordpress a week ago and guess what? I picked the VERY same template! Maok bukti kah?


    Lil sis, when he said he WAS the supervisor, you should have said..."You must be kidding me! No wayyy! You? Supervisor? Muahahahahahahahaha!" Seraya memberi beliau the most evil laugh ever.

  3. Serene Says:

    Ohhh Myyyy Goddd!! Sama, sesama sama nya ok? Muahahah. What can I say? Great minds think alike? :D:D:D:D Keep on writing in your wordpress k? :)

    Kak.. bila lagi? Wordpress, wordpress! heheheheh