Afiq turned 4 last Thursday (April 16th). Shahril and I took the day off, first to see the gynae for the baby's 1st checkup and later went to the bank, and later to celebrate Afiq's birthday at his 'school'.

Checkup went fine, alhamdulillah. Baby's then 8 weeks old (now 9 weeks). Bak kata my gynae: "Ok, semua nampak OK. Sorang je". Heheheheh... Ye la, mana la tau kan.. kot2 twins ke kan. Pastu tutup kilang terus. Hehe. Due date is 22nd November 2009 InsyaAllah. :)

Bought a Ben-10 cake for Afiq. Sampai kat sekolah dia je, berkerumun kawan2nya. (Gambar later la ye?). The principal told us, that Afiq is very competitive when learning, and is very quick. Kembang2 hidung mama & ayah dia dengar. Hehe. But somehow he is faster in learning Jawi than Rumi. Memang betul pun. Iqra' dia dah halfway on 2nd book pun. But Bacalah Anakku tu, 1st book tak habis2 lagi. :) But then again, that's my whole point of sending him to that particular school. I want him to learn the Islamic/Quranic basics first. Alhamdulillah, my expectation was fulfilled. He can now recite some doa's completely: doa makan, doa tidur, doa penerang hati. And some verses and bacaan dalam solat 'pelat'ly: Al-Fatihah, Doa Iftitah, bacaan ruku' and sujud (sekuat2 hati baca while sujud... Sub laaaa nak rob bi yal... - when I corrected him, it's Subha, not Subla... he said.. bukannnn.. Umi (the principal) kata, Sublaaa. Heheh. Kids.. Teachers always know better than parents, ek?) O well.. :)

As a whole, I think ( and I am heavily biased, of course), Afiq is turning into a very fine young man. :) He is very mature for his age. (Depending on his moods), he can be very protective (of me, and Mariessa especially). He has accepted the fact that we have another baby coming soon too,which is great. (His first reaction when I told him about the baby, was.... "tak nakkkkk lah!). Now he gives an extra kiss to my tummy, meant for the baby whenever he's giving me a kiss, which is of course very soothing. And he screams at Mariessa whenever she climbs over me, fearing she will press 'baby dalam perut mama' :).

Sometimes, out of the blue, he'll ask for a kiss, saying.. "ehhhh, mama tak sayang afiq lagi hari ni, ohhh mama lupa ye?" (not that I ever forget, his definition of 'hari ni' can actually be a few hours).

He's still wearing diapers at night. Last night I had a long talk with him on how he's a big boy and that he doesn't need diapers at night anymore etc (he's the one insisting to wear diapers, every night). This morning, when he called me before going to school (he was still asleep when I left for work), he proudly told me, "Mama, Afiq good boy. Afiq tak chin (that's his term for pee pee) pun dalam diapers malam tadi, Afiq chin kat toilet pagi tadi!!". A big boy he is, indeed.

Happy 4th Birthday, sayang Mama. Mama & Ayah doakan Afiq panjang umur, murah rezeki selalu. May you be blessed with lots and lots of love and affection, not to forget lots and lots of toys, Ultramans (Max, Dina, Nexus, Gaia and names I cannot remember), Ben-10's thingies (his latest craze), Ferrari's (his collection) and Hot Wheels. :)

All the love in the world,
Mama & Ayah..
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  1. la Signora Says:

    Laaa...kat sini rupenyer dia nyorok (yes, I read that entry about Blogspot being blocked at your opis.Ko keje kat penjare ke ape?).Anyway, I just learned from this one entry that you've no.3 on the way (you go girl!) and that both the kiddies had their birthdays in April, hence kisses and hugs to them from their Aunty Lisa (nak gak!tak dulik!).I would've changed to Wordpress, but my kreativiti ku akan terbantut (Wordpress ada sedikit lokek bab-bab godek-godek layout).Nevermind, akan ku rajin-rajin masok to check on your updates.

    Congratulations on junior #3!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! *squee*

  2. Serene Says:

    Sandraaaaa! Am sooo glad you've found me. (i knew you would!) Been wanting to leave a message at your blog to tell you about my wordpress, but then bila balik rumah je, tak larat dah nak go online. I do curi2 masuk blogspot jugak during lunch hour whenever i bring along my celcom broadband - sharing it with Shahril so tak bawak everyday. (everybody does that too.. heheheh), tapi tak syok nak komen time tu, limited time, tak sempat nak komen panjang2, ehhehe.

    Eh, bila nya nak balik Msia and stop by kat Kajang ni????

    Btw.. I dont work kat penjara. I live near one! Hahahahahahah.

    Nanti la one of these days, I tepek gambar Afiq and Mariessa. Dah besar bebudak tu, and you haven't met them! Rasa guilty tak? Guilty tak? Hahahahahaha.

    Drop by often, you!

  3. la Signora Says:

    Better?Sent me a picture via snail-mail of those two lovable darlings of yours.Lagi I suke!Of course I'll drop by often.You take care, aight! ♥you!