It's Mariessa's 2nd birthday today. And what a joy she has been to us!

  • When either of us (me or Shahril) sit on the sofa in front of the TV, she will always climb on our knees, adjust herself so that her tummy is right on the knee, and balance herself on her tummy. And she can go on doing that for hours! Once, she even fell asleep on my knee, like that!

  • She pouts all the time! Especially when she's sulking. And she sulks all the time!

  • When she sulks, she won't ever come to me. She will cry and cry and cry until I go to her. :) Very keras hati.

  • She says 'MMMMMaaaahhh" (instead of mmmuuahh) when giving a kiss.

  • She teases Afiq all the time. Afiq lets her win 50% of the time. :)

  • She LOVES nasik. She can eat nasi kosong and bertambah some more!

  • She refers to herself as 'kita'.

  • Once, I told her she's Mariessa and not 'adik' (we're slowly taking the title adik off her), she said, "kita bukan ma-ie-cha, kita adik" and then she pouts.

  • Her favourite song right now is 'Cinta Adam Dan Hawa' by Misha Omar. She can sing that single line for 15 minutes non stop. And her tunes remain the same. Cinta adam dan awaaa Cinta adam dan awaaaa Cinta adam dan awaaaa....

Can't wait to go back and receive lots and lots of Mmmmmaaahhh from the birthday girl. :)

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