Dalam ofis right now, berkumandang lagu2 raya, like…. ‘baaaaalik kampuuuuungggggg’, or… ‘assalamuuuuualaikummmm’ <- dgn suara Jamal yg macho itu, or DJ Dave’s ‘Selamatttt Hari Raaayaaa”… How to do work like this?

It’s my last day of work before the long break. Tapi the whole week dah takde mood nak buat kerja pun sebenarnya.

We’re hoping to celebrate Raya in Temerloh this year. Hoping, because Ummi is still in HUKM right now. She’s due for a ‘procedure’ this morning. So hopefully she’ll be fit enough to be discharged tomorrow the latest so we can bring her home and thus bring Eid home.

I find it difficult to answer when people ask me on her condition. Most of the time, it’s pretty much same ol’ same ol’ condition. Kejap dia OK, Kejap tak OK. OK means she can walk on her own, go to the toilet on her own, eat on her own and does not talk merepek-repek. Not OK can vary from the opposite of all the above or just one or two, or it can be as bad as not even able to open her eyes, or talk. Sometimes she’ll be sooo disoriented that she says she has only 4 kids (in actual there’s 8 of us), or she’ll say she’s been in the hospital for 4 long months although she’s only been there for a week. This time around, she can’t eat on her own, has difficulty breathing at times. And something that has never happened before: her blood level keeps on dropping.

I hope we will be able to beraya in Temerloh, nonetheless.

On a happier note, we had Iftar at Akak’s house last Saturday. The highlight of the ‘event’ is the arrival of Baby Aqilah to the house. :) Aqilah is my brother Aidil’s first born. She was born on June 22nd this year, weighing only 2.22 kg! I’m guessing 2 will be her favorite number. :D

P1000416 Aqilah Musfeerah Aidil Sufqy

P1000451Chak! Rambut cacak cacak tu, just like my bro when he was small. :D


afiq&mariessaNi 2 beradik needs no introduction kan? That’s them in a rare moment where they sit still for about 30 seconds… maybe less


This morning, Mariessa woke up while we were having sahur. Lepas tu dah segar bugar, macam dah puas tidur. In my attempts to get her to go to her own room:

First attempt:

Me: Mariessa, pegi la tido kat bilik sana. (She refers to her room (shared with Afiq) as bilik ‘sana’)

Her: Biarla kita tido kat bilik Mamaaaaaaaaaaa…..

Me: Kenapa Mariessa tak nak tido kat bilik sana?

Her: Biarlaaaa.. Kita kan kecik lagiiiiiii.

Me: Hmmmm


Mariessa’s signature senyum lentok

2nd attempt:

Me: Kakak… pegi tido kat bilik kakak ye?

Her: Tak nak lah!

Me: Kenapa?

Her: Bilik Mama kan besaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!

Me: Aduhai….

Then i pretended sleeping (she wanted to talk – Kenapa Mama nak pegi kerja? Kenapa Mama tak bawak kita pegi kerja? Kenapa dah malam? Kenapa Mama makan malam malam?) . I heard her going down from the bed, so I thought somehow our small talk worked lah. She went to her room. Yey.

She came back in less than 2 minutes. Oh well. Better luck next time, maybe. :)

Afiq on the other hand has been asking me bila nak balik kampung! :) He is, very excited about his new songkok. new baju melayu and most of all new kasut Ben10. Ada lampu2 some more. His choice. :)

P1000374Afiq, giving a sexy look during haircut. He insisted on it, for Raya. :D

A shout out to my beloved Sistah.. you KNOW we are missing you. And that we will be thinking of you more and more on Hari Raya. You are in our thoughts, Ngah. Always.

Last but not least, to all my friends…

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

From All of us:


(gambar lama ni.. 2 tahun lepas punya Raya. Hehe)

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  1. noordinarymomster Says:

    Selamat Hari Raya to you too, Ainil! Just today, I get to rest a bit this whole week, and blog hop! Take care, and I do hope you get to beraya in Temerloh too!