Was a bad day. Although it was Tuesday, it was my first day back at work after a rather long break for Eid. Why it was longer than intended will be for another entry. Reasons for yesterday being a bad day:

1. Just before I went out for work, I discovered that one of Waja’s tyres pancit. Nasib baik mmg dah plan nak bawak kereta lagi satu to work. Nasib baik jugak Shahril memang tak kerja and dah plan nak bawak Waja gi workshop. So tak la rasa nasib malang sgt kan.

2. Had breakfast kat Cafe ofis. Bihun tak sedap, terasa macam banyakkkkk sgt white pepper.

3. Sampai2 ofis… called receptionist to ask whether there’s any packages for me. I ordered a book on Ebay before raya hari tu and I was hoping the book will be waiting for me lah kan. Nope no packages or anything for me. Emailed the seller and asked for the reference number for Pos Ekspres. Checked and discovered they had indeed delivered it on Monday (yesterday). Went down to receptionist to confirm. Checked with guards at the guardhouse too. Nope, no packages for me.

Called Pos Ekspres. Dengan confidentnya I was told that they delivered the package to a post box. Yang bestnya, tidak lah wujud post box kat kawasan ofis ni! Dah guardhouse sebesar2 alam tu, gi letak dalam post box buat apa ye tak? Kenapalah tak hantar kat receptionist je? So, buat la satu report with Pos Ekspres, and was told that it will take them MINIMUM 6 days to investigate. Kechiwa tau!

4. Was told by my brother that doctor kat Hospital Temerloh kata, there’s nothing else they can do pasal Umi. Doctor tanya apa plan family. Nak keep her in the hospital ke… nak bawak balik rumah? Details in another entry lepas ni lah ye.


Is a better day. Sebabnya:

1. Saw a rainbow on my way to work. Not that it means anything. Tapi just rasa macam best je.

2. Bangun pagi, goreng nasi & bawa bekal for breakfast. Kalau tak sedap pun, lidah sendiri kata sedap je. At least takde rasa white pepper. Sedap, sedap!

3. Orang Post Ekspres called. Tersangatla sopan dan cheerful nya suara pakcik itu. Pakcik, sebab he sounded rather old. Tak tau la kalau suara je tua kan. Hehe. He said, the postman kata dia deliver kat guardhouse. I asked balik, guardhouse mana? Ofis ni ada 2 guardhouse. Plus the guard kat main guardhouse kata takde pun. And kalau ada, tentulah diorg dah kasik kat receptionist, kan? The cheerful pakcik said, he’ll investigate further. Disebabkan pakcik yg sgt sopan itu, rasa kurang sikit marah dan kuchiwa. Tq pakcik Pos Ekspres.

Pukul 11 pagi, receptionist called. “Ada one package just arrived for you”


4. Unfortunately, no good news pasal Umi. In fact no ‘new’ news. Although at this point, no news MAY be good news actually.

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  1. la Signora Says:

    I suppose Pos Ekspres is having a horrible moment trying to gain the trust of the Malaysian public after hundreds and thousands of crap-service.Trust me,I've friend who works at HR Pos Malaysia and was flabbergasted with the complaints he received regarding Pos Malaysia in a day.Kesian pun ade gak.But personally, I hate Pos Malaysia.If you ever terima my letter/poskad, do inform.Sebelum I menaga lagi kat Pos Malaysia tu.

    Regarding Umi, don't give up.Doa banyak-banyak, solat pelbagai.Us lakibini kat sini doakan kesihatan yang baik for Umi (Signore kept askin me, 'how's your friend's mom doing now?').Just keep her comfortable and happy.

    It still Syawal...miracles could happen :)

    lebiu, and be strong